High Levels of Quality and Dedication

Securus Technologies is a well-established and incredible diverse information technology firm based out of Dallas, Texas. The company owes a lot of its recent success to assistance it has received from the Better Business Bureau, who has offered Securus a sort of rubric to follow in order to meet accreditation. Securus has recently revealed that they have reached these requirements and that they are now officially an A+ Better Business Bureau certified establishment. This marks the company as being a prestigious provider of unparalleled technological services.


Securus Technologies is an interesting company as it primarily deals with the justice system. It provides security and communications solutions to both employees of the justice and, impressively enough, to inmates who are currently being incarcerated within the prison system due to mistakes they have made in the past. While many other companies and corporations may look down at these inmates as not being reliable customers, Securus has embraced them as loyal and dedicated customers who they are willing to represent. Securus does this by offering these individuals the ability to openly communicate with their family members. By downloading a accessing a free video chat application inmates can interact with their family members on the outside by simply connecting to a WiFi signal and making a call. The video chat program offers seamless video service and is available on both Apple and Android devices.


Securus will continue to provide excellent customer services and products to its friends in the prison system, and they have become a sort of humanitarian company as a result. They provide services to individuals who have been discarded by the rest of society, and they should be rewarded for this, just as they have been awarded by the Better Business Bureau for amazing representation of customers.


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