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Take Control Of Your Online Reputation

Are you facing a reputation issue in your company and need professional assistance? Do you want to protect your organization’s name from being ruined by irate clients or malicious competitors? Online reputation management is a reliable way to take control of your reputation and ensure that your company is being perceived in a positive manner.

With the advent of the Internet, entrepreneurs have to make certain that even their online identity is secured along with their offline one. As explained by, in internet terminology, online reputation management is very important. Potential buyers can talk about your business on a digital network, either through their blog, social media networks or even through your company website.

Just like every product and service yearns for the coveted 5-star rating from their customers, ventures should attempt to maintain the same rating online. First-time customers usually refer to the reputation of an enterprise before taking any step further. They get influenced by product reviews on while making a purchase decision.

A growing trend in marketing nowadays is to respond to bad criticism or negative feedback as soon as it is posted. It is not a good idea to leave such feedback pending, lest other Internet surfers think that you deserve the horrible review or derogatory remarks. Be proactive about your online credibility and reputation and address and respond to issues as they arise.

There are many companies out there offering a vast range of services to help protect a business from getting ruined due to negative reviews. Professional reputation management teams have the industry resources and connections to render effective services to business across the globe. These professionals can push down unwanted content and replace them with reviews and content that better reflects who you are.

Positive remarks would take the company a little towards prosperity, but one criticism or adverse comment handled inefficiently can tarnish your company’s image. Online reputation management is the practice of managing the reputation of an enterprise solely in the online medium through various techniques and strategies to maintain a positive image of the venture. Take the time to find the right online reputation management team for your needs.


High Levels of Quality and Dedication

Securus Technologies is a well-established and incredible diverse information technology firm based out of Dallas, Texas. The company owes a lot of its recent success to assistance it has received from the Better Business Bureau, who has offered Securus a sort of rubric to follow in order to meet accreditation. Securus has recently revealed that they have reached these requirements and that they are now officially an A+ Better Business Bureau certified establishment. This marks the company as being a prestigious provider of unparalleled technological services.


Securus Technologies is an interesting company as it primarily deals with the justice system. It provides security and communications solutions to both employees of the justice and, impressively enough, to inmates who are currently being incarcerated within the prison system due to mistakes they have made in the past. While many other companies and corporations may look down at these inmates as not being reliable customers, Securus has embraced them as loyal and dedicated customers who they are willing to represent. Securus does this by offering these individuals the ability to openly communicate with their family members. By downloading a accessing a free video chat application inmates can interact with their family members on the outside by simply connecting to a WiFi signal and making a call. The video chat program offers seamless video service and is available on both Apple and Android devices.


Securus will continue to provide excellent customer services and products to its friends in the prison system, and they have become a sort of humanitarian company as a result. They provide services to individuals who have been discarded by the rest of society, and they should be rewarded for this, just as they have been awarded by the Better Business Bureau for amazing representation of customers.


Organo Gold Provides Health and Convenience

It is not everyday that you are able to see a product that is both healthy and convenient. Because of the way that each of these things work, it is hard to get a product that is conveniently healthy and can be used by nearly anyone. Organo Gold has managed to do that.

According to The Street, when the company started in 2008, founder Bernardo Chua had a vision for it. He wanted to bring healthy products to people who did not have the time to add these healthy products into their daily routine.

He wanted everyone to have access to healthy herbs and wanted to make sure that they were able to get the most out of the products that the line had to offer. Organo Gold was able to provide people with all of the options that they already used, except the products that they had were healthy for the people to use instead of being unhealthy and detrimental.

Bernardo Chua is a huge supporter of healthy living. He does everything that he can to be healthy and he recognizes that other people need to have the chance to be able to be healthy, as well. He uses the Organo Gold products to make sure that people have the opportunity to be healthy.

By providing things that people already use- toothpaste, soap, coffee- he creates a product that people can simply switch out. They don’t need to add extra steps to their routine like vitamins because the things that they need are already in the products.

Since Organo Gold was first founded, Bernardo Chua has been successfully running the company. At the beginning, he wanted to make sure that he was providing people with a healthy product and his mission has not stopped just because he has been extremely successful in the time that the products have been on the market.

Bernado Chua wants to be successful for himself but he also wants the company to be successful because he knows that is the best way to get products to people who may not have had the chance to use the products in the past.

EOS Changes Lip Balm Market

Fast Company released an article about EOS and the impact that they have had on the lip balm market since they debuted their product just seven years ago first in Walgreens and later expanding to Target, Walmart and online. Now EOS is widely distributed and available all over the place, becoming one of the makeup lip balm makers in the United States. Their origins, as elucidated in the Fast Company article, are much more humble though and a good business case study to follow.

The founders of EOS started off looking at an industry that had not changed in many ways from their product offerings of a hundred years prior. The ingredients and applicator was mostly the same and brands were trying to capture market share by lowering their prices. The EOS founders thought some solid effort could lead to them outpacing their competition and dominating the industry, which they started to design a plan to accomplish.

EOS lip balm plan was to attract women, by far the largest buyers of lip balm, to their brand by designing a product that appealed to their tastes. To date most lip balms were designed for a unisex market. EOS would create lip balms that had colorful orb containers, were applied in a luscious and smooth way, and had flavors like Honeydew and Berry combinations that attracted a purely female audience.

This strategy ended up paying off as EOS was able to attract these customers, broaden their distribution channels, and become a major player in the lip balm market in just a short seven year history. Many of the major brands are now emulating EOS’ products and trying to regain the advantage that they lost by being so complacent in the lip balm market. EOS has been anything but complacent and has continued to strengthen their brand and lip balms in recent years.