Faster Response and Increase in Supervision For Detainees

Renowned for its progress in technological innovation of correctional facilities. Securus has not only changed the way detainees communicate with administration, but increased time for protecting and supervising inmates. By putting grievance forms on ConnectUs for them to use they no longer have to wait for guards to provide and collect the form before addressing any concern. In the time it takes for administration to file the form and relay important information a detainee can be attacked or stiffer from a medical condition that may or may not need immediate attention. Instead of going through this long process a form can now be filled out ConnectUs, seen by administration who relays to the guards the important information giving them sufficient time to be aware of any situation that needs to be addressed immediately. This form of communication to administration by inmates also allows for possible anonymity of inmates lodging a complaint against another inmate or guard. It is staff’s job to supervise and protect detainees. When it is known that a detainee has issued a complaint against a guard I think at times there may be direct our indirect retaliation when it is known who made the complaint. This anonymity Securus provides protects the inmate making the complaint as administration knows of the complaint, the person being complained about, and the inmate making the concern; however, with the form being electronic going straight to administration the person complained about will not know the name of person making complaint or when complaint was made. Securus technology may be used by correctional facilitates, but the purpose of their applications is to maintain order and protect the rights of detainees.

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