Helane Morrison Has Been Instrumental in Helping Hall Capital Succeed

Helane Morrison is famously renowned for her high integrity, which she has held in all her career life. As a chief compliance officer, she ensures others hold these standards too. At Hall Capital Partners, Morrison is responsible for creating compliance programs and ensures the firm follows processes and policies issued by SEC. Moreover, she advises senior managers regarding the importance of maintaining ethical practices in different departments. Hall Capital is a privately owned firm that manages more than $29 billion in investment securities. The firm feature offices in California and New York City.

Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners after leaving Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2007. In SEC, she was serving as the regional director for California and five more states. She was responsible for investigating compliance violations and litigations. Morrison came to Hall Capitals with a decade experience as an attorney and more than ten years of expertise in representing SEC to various legal and financial communities, As well as to other government agencies and news media.

Before joining SEC, Morrison worked for a law firm from 1986 to 1996. Due to her dedication and strong commitment, she was elevated to a partner and practiced corporate investigations and private securities defense. She studied Journalism at Northwestern University, but later she went back to school and graduated with JD from UC Berkeley School of Law.

Given her extensive experience, Morrison is uniquely qualified as a compliance officer. The firm greatly benefits from her integrity, strong work ethic, and experience. Hall capital has been enjoying dramatic success lately, and many people credit that success to Morrison. Her methods of addressing confronting issues in a very direct manner have informed the success of the company and her personal life.

Unlike many other companies in the business world, Hall Capital top management positions are occupied by women. Kathryn Hall, Sarah Stein, and Helena Morrison are the top three leaders at Hall Capital. They have created a female friendly work environment and at the same time made Hall Capital extremely successful through compliance policy and complete honesty. Morrison has been instrumental in achieving these goals.

Morrison success in both financial management and legal field makes her a role model for women who aspire to venture into business world. Companies such as Hall Capital are revolutionizing the world of financial management in a way that makes it favorable for women to serve in top positions. If other companies can learn from Hall Capital success and follow these trends, the world of financial management will change and become a place where women can succeed.