Securus Technologies Redesigns and Upgrades their Cornerstone Product

Securus Technologies is a leading North American supplier of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Their focus is on public safety, monitoring, investigation, and corrections. They have now made public their launch of THREADS 3.1. This is among the most highly sophisticated, fully integrated analytical tool for Big Data” in the U.S. corrections market today. Securus proudly serves in excess of 2,200 Correctional Facilities spread throughout Canada and the United States.
THREADS Redesign Features

The redesigning of the firm’s Investigative Solutions cornerstone has the THREADS user interface coming to par with the latest web-based technologies. All this is achieved while at the same time preserving the very same powerful analysis which their customers have been used to.

The user interface navigation has been streamlined by eliminating unnecessary system actions, boosting the search function and record loading.

New Product Upgrades

The new 3.1 release have upgraded the THREADS software platform from the basic Silverlight to the more advanced HTML 5, allowing for direct integration between several other products from Securus like Secure Call Platform (SCP).The interface that is easier-to-use provides investigators with a tool that is more proactive in terms of supporting their investigations. Securus has developed a software tool requiring little training and one that is offering highly actionable intelligence as well as giving the investigator focused leads.

THREADS 3.1 now comes with several additional features like the capability of listening to SCP calls that are within the THREADS app, context-sensitive reports, guided real-time analysis, and customized printing and mapping. THREADS 3.1 effectively has elevated Securus’ technological solutions to the platinum level, and they are upgrading existing customers free of charge.

Securus Other Services

Over the last three years, Securus has made investments worth $600 million towards the acquisition and growth of several hundred efficiency, security, and safety related products.

Securus Technologies focuses on facilitating secure connections where it matters most. For example, the Securus At-Home visitation technology enables you to remotely visit your incarcerated loved one through an internet connected computer using a web camera.

Serving over 1,200,000 inmates spread throughout North America, and in excess of 3,450 law enforcement, public safety and correctional agencies, Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

The firm is committed to connecting and serving through offering emergency response, investigation, public information, incident management, bio-metric analysis, information management, communication, inmate self-service, and monitoring services & products in order to make the globe a more secure place to live.

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