Wen Can Really Do The Trick

Emily McClure is a talented writer from The Bustle, and she also is a woman that has very fine hair. McClure is constantly looking for products that can help her hair look more full and be more healthy. McClure decided to give WEN Hair by Chaz Dean a chance. Wen is a product that is considered to be a conditioner and a hair cleanser at the same time. This is just one product that an individual needs to use on their hair, and it does the job of a cleanser and a conditioner. What is unique about Wen by Chaz Dean is that it is free of parabens and sulfates, so a person’s hair does not feel like it is being stripped of moisture after using this product. Chaz Dean wanted to be able to create a product that was going to help hair to have more body and look more healthy. Dean also wanted to make a product that was going to be natural and beneficial for the hair and scalp. Dean was able to achieve this with the Wen conditioning cleanser.

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Within recent years Wen by Chaz Dean has gotten gained a lot of popularity on QVC. Many famous movie stars and actors really love this product, because they believe that it has done wonders to their hair. McClure wanted to see for herself if it was going to work, and so she did a seven day test. Within the first day that she tried this product she was surprised by the results. The product made her hair feel thick and healthy, and that was something that she really liked. On the second day of using Wen the results were not as positive as the first day. The product left her hair feeling weighed down and a little greasy. For the next five days the results of the product really varied for Mcclure.

There were sometimes when the product left hair feeling bouncy and beautiful, and there are other times when the product left her hair feeling a little bit more greasy than she had liked. McClure did receive compliments from her facebook friends about the way that her hair looked after one of the times that she used the Wen product, so that reassured her that the product actually was making a difference that it was evident other people as well. McClure has decided that she’s going to continue with her own hair regiment, but that she’s going to keep Wen hair by Chaz Dean in her product collection. She loved the way that it made her hair feel, and on special occasions she does want to be able to use the product.