Lime Crime: The Standout Makeup In A Sea Of Cosmetics

Back in 2008, a company called Lime Crime hit the market and the skin of many excited customers. Why? Mainly due to it’s ravishingly vibrant color palette and one miss Doe Deere, the creator and main promoter of the brand. She is a person who herself is vibrant and colorful in pretty much every way. Being the founder, CEO and owner of the brand, Deere is more than motivated when it comes to makeup and fashion.

The idea came about when she was in New York City selling clothes on Ebay. The makeup that was available was not able to match the vibrancy of the clothing. The birth of Lime Crime was now bound to happen. The launch began with some radically colored lipsticks dubbed ‘Unicorn.’ They were not your average take on lip color. That’s why it took off. More recently in 2012, the Velvetines liquid to matte lipstick became a huge success as well.

The brand boasts the cruelty free way of business and Deere had this in mind from day one. As for the colors themselves, even the dark chocolatey colors are packed with pigment. The way that they stand out and blend in at the same time is what makes it so popular. They are really eye catching in the right way. Are you feeling a bit on the playful side? Try a bit of Teacup blue. Want your lips to dazzle on the dance floor? Maybe Zenon is the one for you.

If you’re into saving some coin, you can purchase bundles for your lips and eyes. This makes it convenient and cost effective for the customer to get the look they want. Style is a constantly evolving thing. It’s always going to be since it’s the very definition of personal taste. This is where Lime Crime has come in to set a standard in their own right for new takes on classic makeup. Women and men everywhere are expressing themselves in new ways with this brand.

The future could be bright indeed for this company and it’s owner’s deep passion for vibrantly alive colors.