The NutriMost Way to Healthy Living and Losing Weight

What is healthy living? The search on facebook continues for finding and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Some people are obsessed with the idea, others come and go with the latest fad diet or program that promises a heathy lifestyle for a longer life. Studies conducted by claim that less than 3% of Americans actually live a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle should involve four areas considered to be healthy. These are:

• Keep body fat under control
• Do moderate exercise regularly
• No smoking
• Maintain a healthy diet
The most recent program featured by NY fatLoss offering assistance in finding and keeping a healthy lifestyle is a doctor recommended nutritional program called “NutriMost”. This system uses NRF technology that evaluates a body’s specific biologic indicators to design a personalized weight loss plan that works with the body’s particular requirements. NRF technology (NutriMost Resonant Frequency) was originated by a Chiropractor in Pennsylvania using a device that scans an individual’s entire body and determines imbalances, or weaknesses where the body needs to eliminate fat storage, and increase fat burning. The general purpose of the scan is to identify the individual’s biological vulnerability and find the best products to balance the inconsistencies in the hormones and organs.
Certain organs, if out of balance, can cause weight issues and poor health. NRF technology indicates which organ or hormone is out of balance, and what the body needs to correct that problem. The first step in this process is taking supplements that will cleanse and detoxify the body while adjusting the body’s metabolism.
NutriMost should be recommended by a doctor and monitored closely. The weight loss program is used by doctors of chiropractic, professional medical doctors, and nutritionists. This is not a diet plan you can purchase. Membership through a doctor is required.

I used a combination of several articles for information on the NutriMost weight loss plan:

NutriMost Weightloss Program Helps Shed Pounds 2015/08/19/fox-focus-lose-weight-with-help-from-nutrimost-experts-weigh-in

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