Michael Zomber: Selling Guns But Fighting For Peace

Michael Zomber is active in many different professional arenas. He has been featured as a gun specialist on the History Channel. He has published several books. He has made his own film. Zomber’s biggest passion is for antique arms and armor, especially pieces related to samurai culture. Many of his books and his film are based on this very culture. And although Zomber is involved in dealing antique guns and other weapons, he counteracts this by supporting various organizations that fight for peace. He has been known to support The Smile Train, Get Lit, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, Disabled American Veterans, Amnesty International, Global Exchange and many more.

Michael Zomber has not only gained his knowledge through experience in dealing and buying antiques, but he has also spent extensive time in school. He received bachelors degrees in both psychology and english from the University of Illinois, which he graduated cum laude from. He then went on to study at the University of California in Los Angeles. Michael Zomber earned his masters in english literature while there. It is this very background in english that has allowed Michael Zomber to share his passion for the samurai culture and his passion for older guns. He has written several books about both.

Michael Zomber has also had to overcome some very serious challenges. He was accused and convicted of committing both mail and wire fraud. He was then sentenced to 30 months in prison. During his time in prison, Zomber fought to show his innocence. He did research and built up his cause. He also spent time tutoring other inmates to help them earn their GED or prepare for their appeal. In 2008, Michael Zomber proved his case and his conviction was overturned.  Follow Michael’s future on Facebook, as he plots the next stage of his career.

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