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Wen Can Really Do The Trick

Emily McClure is a talented writer from The Bustle, and she also is a woman that has very fine hair. McClure is constantly looking for products that can help her hair look more full and be more healthy. McClure decided to give WEN Hair by Chaz Dean a chance. Wen is a product that is considered to be a conditioner and a hair cleanser at the same time. This is just one product that an individual needs to use on their hair, and it does the job of a cleanser and a conditioner. What is unique about Wen by Chaz Dean is that it is free of parabens and sulfates, so a person’s hair does not feel like it is being stripped of moisture after using this product. Chaz Dean wanted to be able to create a product that was going to help hair to have more body and look more healthy. Dean also wanted to make a product that was going to be natural and beneficial for the hair and scalp. Dean was able to achieve this with the Wen conditioning cleanser.

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Within recent years Wen by Chaz Dean has gotten gained a lot of popularity on QVC. Many famous movie stars and actors really love this product, because they believe that it has done wonders to their hair. McClure wanted to see for herself if it was going to work, and so she did a seven day test. Within the first day that she tried this product she was surprised by the results. The product made her hair feel thick and healthy, and that was something that she really liked. On the second day of using Wen the results were not as positive as the first day. The product left her hair feeling weighed down and a little greasy. For the next five days the results of the product really varied for Mcclure.

There were sometimes when the product left hair feeling bouncy and beautiful, and there are other times when the product left her hair feeling a little bit more greasy than she had liked. McClure did receive compliments from her facebook friends about the way that her hair looked after one of the times that she used the Wen product, so that reassured her that the product actually was making a difference that it was evident other people as well. McClure has decided that she’s going to continue with her own hair regiment, but that she’s going to keep Wen hair by Chaz Dean in her product collection. She loved the way that it made her hair feel, and on special occasions she does want to be able to use the product.


Lime Crime: The Standout Makeup In A Sea Of Cosmetics

Back in 2008, a company called Lime Crime hit the market and the skin of many excited customers. Why? Mainly due to it’s ravishingly vibrant color palette and one miss Doe Deere, the creator and main promoter of the brand. She is a person who herself is vibrant and colorful in pretty much every way. Being the founder, CEO and owner of the brand, Deere is more than motivated when it comes to makeup and fashion.

The idea came about when she was in New York City selling clothes on Ebay. The makeup that was available was not able to match the vibrancy of the clothing. The birth of Lime Crime was now bound to happen. The launch began with some radically colored lipsticks dubbed ‘Unicorn.’ They were not your average take on lip color. That’s why it took off. More recently in 2012, the Velvetines liquid to matte lipstick became a huge success as well.

The brand boasts the cruelty free way of business and Deere had this in mind from day one. As for the colors themselves, even the dark chocolatey colors are packed with pigment. The way that they stand out and blend in at the same time is what makes it so popular. They are really eye catching in the right way. Are you feeling a bit on the playful side? Try a bit of Teacup blue. Want your lips to dazzle on the dance floor? Maybe Zenon is the one for you.

If you’re into saving some coin, you can purchase bundles for your lips and eyes. This makes it convenient and cost effective for the customer to get the look they want. Style is a constantly evolving thing. It’s always going to be since it’s the very definition of personal taste. This is where Lime Crime has come in to set a standard in their own right for new takes on classic makeup. Women and men everywhere are expressing themselves in new ways with this brand.

The future could be bright indeed for this company and it’s owner’s deep passion for vibrantly alive colors.

About The Former Chief Executive Officer Of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray is an American private equity investor and philanthropist born in 1962; He died at the tender age of 52 due to an illness in the year 2015.

He grew up in Westchester County, New York. Stephen was married to Tami Murray, and they both had four children. He once held the position of the CEO and president of CCMP Capital. The firm works in the purchasing and development of equity deals.

He is a graduate of Boston College and Columbia Business School with B.A Economics and M.S Business Administration.

His Career began in 1984 at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation where he worked in the credit analyst training program. The company was later acquired by Chemical Bank in 1991 after which Chemical Venture Partners and Manhattan equity came together. Later in 1996, the 1991 Chemical Venture Partners merged with Chemical Bank changing the Chemical Venture Partners to Chase Capital Partners.

Going forward to 2005, Stephen Murray joined JP Morgan where he attained the role of the head of buyout business in the firm of which there was a draw out of JP Morgan Chase.

It led to Stephen founding CCMP Capital having only the development and buyout team gotten from JP Morgan draw out. It was in 2006. One year later Stephen Murray was named Chief Executive Officer of the company. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

The company mainly works in the energy, healthcare, consumer and industrial sectors. It has carried out numerous investments like the Warner Chilcott Plc, Capela Inc., and Quiznos Corp.

The company has been able to invest up to $500 M of investment in every subsequent transaction. He left the firm just a short period nearing to his death due to health problems.

Stephen had participated in many board seats like the Warner Chilcott, Aramark, Cabela’s, Jethro JMDH, Octagon Credit Investors and Crestcom International.

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The NutriMost Way to Healthy Living and Losing Weight

What is healthy living? The search on facebook continues for finding and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Some people are obsessed with the idea, others come and go with the latest fad diet or program that promises a heathy lifestyle for a longer life. Studies conducted by claim that less than 3% of Americans actually live a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle should involve four areas considered to be healthy. These are:

• Keep body fat under control
• Do moderate exercise regularly
• No smoking
• Maintain a healthy diet
The most recent program featured by NY fatLoss offering assistance in finding and keeping a healthy lifestyle is a doctor recommended nutritional program called “NutriMost”. This system uses NRF technology that evaluates a body’s specific biologic indicators to design a personalized weight loss plan that works with the body’s particular requirements. NRF technology (NutriMost Resonant Frequency) was originated by a Chiropractor in Pennsylvania using a device that scans an individual’s entire body and determines imbalances, or weaknesses where the body needs to eliminate fat storage, and increase fat burning. The general purpose of the scan is to identify the individual’s biological vulnerability and find the best products to balance the inconsistencies in the hormones and organs.
Certain organs, if out of balance, can cause weight issues and poor health. NRF technology indicates which organ or hormone is out of balance, and what the body needs to correct that problem. The first step in this process is taking supplements that will cleanse and detoxify the body while adjusting the body’s metabolism.
NutriMost should be recommended by a doctor and monitored closely. The weight loss program is used by doctors of chiropractic, professional medical doctors, and nutritionists. This is not a diet plan you can purchase. Membership through a doctor is required.

I used a combination of several articles for information on the NutriMost weight loss plan:

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JustFab Curvy

It is true, JustFab has released a plus size collection. This plus size collection features 35 pieces that they will be adding to very soon. JustFab is an online subscription for fashion that carried standard sizes before now. It’s an exciting time for JustFab introducing this new line.

The line consists of some very simple and safe picks. Though they may be safe, it’s a good building block for plus sizes. The Curvy Fashionista blog which gives great fashion information to curvy women would like to see them bring in some fun pieces that are usually reserved for thinner women. JustFab also announced that they are styling looks with shoes, bags, and jewelry any girl could use! The line consists of easy and smart styles that would work well for a quick trip away or just taking a nice day to get out and enjoy spring and summer.
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From a beautiful jumpsuit, great and figure flattering wrap dress. and mix and match separates that can create tons of great looks, JustFab has done a great job. Sizing for the plus size line goes up to 3X or 22-24. This has opened the door to so many women looking for an online subscription for great clothes. To be a VIP member for JustFab the cost starts at $22.95, which is very affordable. Even if someone isn’t looking to do the VIP collection that’s fine too but you will need to sign up with JustFab to look and shop on your own.

The online subscription through JustFab works pretty easily. First you register and then answer a series of questions that help a stylist make choices for you each month. Should you not like your choice for the month you simply change it for something else before it’s shipped. If you choose to opt for a month you can, just make sure it’s before the ship date. JustFab has a lot of tails wagging to see where this great new line is headed.

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Michael Zomber: Selling Guns But Fighting For Peace

Michael Zomber is active in many different professional arenas. He has been featured as a gun specialist on the History Channel. He has published several books. He has made his own film. Zomber’s biggest passion is for antique arms and armor, especially pieces related to samurai culture. Many of his books and his film are based on this very culture. And although Zomber is involved in dealing antique guns and other weapons, he counteracts this by supporting various organizations that fight for peace. He has been known to support The Smile Train, Get Lit, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, Disabled American Veterans, Amnesty International, Global Exchange and many more.

Michael Zomber has not only gained his knowledge through experience in dealing and buying antiques, but he has also spent extensive time in school. He received bachelors degrees in both psychology and english from the University of Illinois, which he graduated cum laude from. He then went on to study at the University of California in Los Angeles. Michael Zomber earned his masters in english literature while there. It is this very background in english that has allowed Michael Zomber to share his passion for the samurai culture and his passion for older guns. He has written several books about both.

Michael Zomber has also had to overcome some very serious challenges. He was accused and convicted of committing both mail and wire fraud. He was then sentenced to 30 months in prison. During his time in prison, Zomber fought to show his innocence. He did research and built up his cause. He also spent time tutoring other inmates to help them earn their GED or prepare for their appeal. In 2008, Michael Zomber proved his case and his conviction was overturned.  Follow Michael’s future on Facebook, as he plots the next stage of his career.

Wen by Chaz Tested by Emily McClure

Advertising plays an important part in determining our buying preferences. As consumers, we tend to believe what appears before us in print and media advertising. The most successful advertising campaigns cement names in our minds which identify advertised products; for example kleenex, coke, ford, chevy are all specific product names which we use to identify a product. To a lesser extent we have a litany of product names that represent quality, again examples Rolls-Royce, Tiffany, Rolex, Channel, Bulgari, Nike, Hugo Boss, Ferrari. These companies have achieved recognition for quality by the consumer’s associations with the mentioned products.

It has almost become a game; all you have to do is think of any product that is used, and there will be a name associated with it. Fifty years ago if you were asked to mention a name of a hotel; you’d say, Hilton. That evolved to Howard Johnson and now, Trivago. You can see how advertising enters into individual buying preferences.

We are bombarded by advertising on websites like Ebay and in some ways, we are inured to advertising claims. In this case, the product endorsement plays a part in the process of determining our purchasing decisions.

Recently, Emily McClure completed an in-depth study of a product’s claim. She tested (posted here: an all purpose cleansing, moisturizing and conditioning shampoo, Wen, in an article published in Bustle. McClure works in a beauty salon and is a self-confessed addict to examine the claims of various beauty products. It is her business and, naturally, beauty products used in her industry are of interest to McClure. She offers her week-long test of the beauty product for readers to examine.

Wen by Chaz is a popular all in one beauty treatment on the sephora beauty market that, also, energizes fine hair, and McClure is a women with hard to manage fine hair. The results of her week-long study were, however, mixed. Read the full article about WEN.

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