George Soros Supports U.S. Latino Voters

Billionaire investor George Soros is known for his financial acumen on as well as for his outspoken support of democratic principles, particularly with regard to making sure that the rights of voters are respected.

According to a recent news report by Natalie Roterman of the Latin Times, george Soros and other politically-minded donors have contributed $15 million to sponsor a campaign aimed at the registration of new Hispanic American voters.

Contributions made by Soros are usually handled his Open Society Foundations, a global network of non-profit entities that share a democratic vision of government transparency and empowerment of the people. In this particular instance on, the organizations receiving funding include: the Center for Community Change Action, America’s Voice and the Latino Victory Project.

Fighting Exclusion

The campaign being funded by George Soros will seek the registration of up to 400,000 Latino voters. Under the title “Families Fight Back,” this campaign shares a vision with the anti-exclusion efforts of the Open Society Foundations. It may be difficult to think about the United States as a political system affected by voter exclusion, but that happens to be the case in certain states and voting districts.

It is interesting to note that voter exclusion in the United States is not limited to the disenfranchisement of convicted felons in states such as Florida. In other voting jurisdictions, minorities are often challenged by strict voter ID laws, lack of information and intimidation.

Fighting Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

Some Hispanic Americans from immigrant households find it difficult to exert their political voice due to pervasive rhetoric. Soros has already stated his position in this regard, and he is alarmed by the anti-immigrant tone that some candidates have assumed in the Republican primaries. Potential Latino voters who hear such vitriol may not be inclined to vote unless they are guided towards candidates that understand whose agenda preaches inclusion in the democratic process and not exclusion.

George Soros knows exclusion on a personal level. His family fled Hungary during the oppressive Soviet regime in the dawn of the Cold War. As a young man and a beginner investor, George Soros was shown open doors in the United Kingdom and in the United States. He is an American citizen who appreciates the freedom and liberties that the U.S. was founded upon, and he strives to preserve them.

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