How to Prepare Your Presentation for Venture Capitalists Such as Marc Sparks

When you make a presentation to venture capitalists, you are making a sales call. You must sell not only your business plan, but yourself and your team.

Marc Sparks’s famous quote is about how if he’s in, he’s all in. Focus is the key. Therefore, you must demonstrate that focus, concentration and dedication as well. The figures you spend so much time on will turn out to be inaccurate. Your product may go into production earlier or later than you estimated, more likely later. Your expenses will probably be higher than you now believe. Your product won’t sell as many units as your project.

And venture capitalists know that. What they want to see is you and your team will react. Will you search for solutions and stay up late implementing them, or just feel dejected?

Every image you present should have a point that moves the presentation and value proposition forward. Save the humorous stock photos and jokes for Facebook. Venture capitalists don’t have enough time in the day. Respect that.

Disqus has it that the numbers you turned up in your research are important, but don’t rely on them. Use them as a foundation to tell a story of how your product will satisfy the desires of a starving market.

Keep your conclusion short and simple. Use the power of presenting one big idea. Don’t dilute the effect with two or three ideas.

Do bring your entire team with you. At this stage everybody is important. The venture capitalists want to see how well everybody works together and their enthusiasm.

Marc Sparks is a former high school C student with no college degree who has successfully started many businesses. He’s now the CEO of Timber Creek, LP, a private equity firm in Dallas Texas that helps new businesses grow from start-up to success. He’s also the author of They Can’t Eat You, a book about his life and career. Some of the companies he’s helped include Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom and Cobalt Real Estate.

He is also a philanthropist who’s helped The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter, and Habitat for Humanity.

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