World War II Survivor George Soros Creating Creative Ways To Fight Hate Speech Of Donald Trump

Billionaire George Soros is famous for breaking the bank of England. Back in the 90s, England was facing an economic downturn and Soros shorted the British pound to make $1 billion in profit. His partner in crime that day was a man named Stanley Druckenmiller. Stanley Druckenmiller still works for George Soros, managing a $2 billion hedge fund. So it raised some eyebrows when Stanley Druckenmiller and another longtime Soros employee donated almost half $1 million to the presidential campaign of Republican governor John Kasich.
What makes this highly unusual is that George Soros has a lifetime record of donating to and supporting liberal organizations and candidates. His money helped start, and Open Society Foundation one of the most left-leaning organizations in the country. The organization has publicly endorsed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders and Soros himself has made an $8 million pledge to the Hillary Clinton camp. John Kasich, the man who labels himself as the reasonable Republican candidate this year, is still not a candidate Soros would endorse. This donation has enraged conservatives and confused liberals, but it all can be easily explained.

Soros has publicly stated on NYbooks his opposition to Republican front runners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Donald Trump is consuming a high number of delegates on the campaign trail and looks to be unstoppable, except for in Ohio. What’s important about Ohio is that it is a winner-take-all state. Unlike earlier voting states, the winner of the Ohio primary takes all delegates no matter how slim of a victorious margin. Previous states issued delegates proportionally so that every qualifying candidate earned delegates. If Kasich can beat Trump in Ohio he effectively steals delegates from the front runner.

George Soros, a world-famous liberal, is reported by Latino FoxNews now fighting on the same side as Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, and the GOP establishment. The “Anyone But Trump” movement in the Republican Party has been pumping money into the Kasich campaign in order to pull off the upset victory in the winner take all state. Romney has even stumped for the governor throughout Ohio. The Rubio campaign is urging Ohio supporters to vote for Kasich in order to tip the balance. In one odd moment, Soros and the GOP are aligned.

This may have something to do with Trump’s divisive platform. He promises to build a wall and has flirted with the idea of setting up a registry for Muslims in the United States. This justifiably angers GeorgeĀ  Soros who is himself a survivor of World War II and the Nazi occupation in his home country of Hungary. He and his family were forced to register by the Nazi government. Soros explicitly remembers the divisive rhetoric of the fascist regime and feels incredibly uncomfortable by the hate speech of Donald Trump. Soros fled Hungary for London and then the United States as a young man.

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