George Soros Mobilizes Immigrant Voters


The fastest growing segment of the population in the United States of America is the Latino segment. There has been an almost uncontrolled infusion of immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador. While some have received the necessary visa and green card needed to work in the US, many have slipped into the US by surreptitious means and are working illegally and being paid under the table by unscrupulous employers. Some are hoping to become residents while others choose to work here and save money and finally return to their native country.
Those Latinos who have acquired residency are becoming a political force, who are being sought out to follow a certain political direction. Their votes are being sought out by Democrat institutions who want to mobilize them and make them a political force. It is reminiscent of the slaves who were freed after the Civil War.
But the simple truth is that voters tend to vote for whichever party most benefits them monetarily. The immigrant class, any first generation immigrant population will want affordable health care and employment benefits, they tend to vote Democrat until they reach a second, third or fourth generation status, when the offerings of the Republicans may better suit their needs and fears.
Sadly, voting in the US is not so much ideological, as it is to identify with a particular party and that party’s hopes and fears.
George Soros and a political action committee seeks to inform and mobilize these Latinos and other immigrants. Soros is a philanthropist with a Democrat leaning. Republicans, unfairly, portray Soros in a negative light. The Immigrant Voters Win PAC has been funded by gifts from Soros and others to the tune of $15 billion. These monies will go to already established organizations which are supporting voter drives and registration efforts for the Democrat party. Read the full New York Times article here: Your text to link…
For many decades the powerful Republican Party has had the money to influence politician in their decision making and the day to day running of our country. The alignment of huge corporations CEOs from the Republican party with politicians whose campaigns are funded by corporate money is a onerous relationship, which seems to be spreading to the Democrat party, as well. Our founding fathers would not approve.

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