The Great Success of Queens of Drama

Reality television is a medium that is very popular in America. There are many different reality television shows that individuals can enjoy on many different networks. Queens of Drama is an entertaining reality television show that showcases the talents of many soap opera stars. These stars create a production company in the hopes of pitching a very enticing pilot to a network. Donna Mills is the leader of the company and somewhat of the main character of the show. Since debuting in 2015, this show has had 10 successful episodes.

Crystal Hunt is also one of the main actors in this reality television series. Hunt has had a very successful career not only in television but in movies as well. She has been known as an actress who can really bring out emotions in her characters. This is very important for her to do in her soap opera roles and she nails it every time. Hunt has been performing since she was only 2 years old. Hunt was introduced to the pageant world at a very early age and was very successful in her competitions. Hunt began to act in commercials very soon after her time in the pageants. Her first big break was acting in a commercial with boy band super group NSync. She then went on to pay Lizzie Spaulding in the CBS soap opera Guiding Light. She was nominated for a daytime Emmy award for her performance in this role.

Her facebook shows Hunt has also tried her hand at business very successfully. She is the owner and operator of a high-end pet boutique in Clearwater, Florida. She has also produced her own films. Hunt has acted in feature films as well. She has most notably acted in the Magic Mike series of films. The future looks very bright for Hunt as she moves forward with her successful career.  Crystal’s acting reel indicates that she’s definitely destined for stardom.

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