Hilary Clinton Boosted By George Soros Donations

The race for the White House in 2016 has had its landscape changed in recent weeks after the major donor for the Democrat’s, George Soros, took the plunge into the race with a major donation for the Hilary Clinton campaign. The Clinton campaign has seen many major donors drawn to it after her rival Bernie Sanders took the route of grass roots funding for his campaign. Politico reports the first steps in bringing Soros into the Democratic fold were taken with two $1 million donations made to Super PAC’s backing Clinton.
The Clinton campaign has now seen a major donation made to the Priorities USA Super PAC of $6 million by Soros reported on Forbes after he decided against making a major donation to the Obama reelection campaign of 2012. Former Secretary of State Clinton has seen details of emails between herself and George Soros made public by the State Department, which show the praise the Hungarian born hedge fund manager heaps on the former First Lady for her open door policy towards him. It has already been revealed by senior Clinton aides that Soros regrets the fact he did not back her for the White House in 2008; instead, the financial expert worth an estimated $23 billion backed President Barrack Obama for the Democratic nomination.

George Soros has been taking a global view towards politics for a number of years, during which time he has been a major supporter of liberal policies to bring democracy to the world. The arrival of Soros as a supporter of Clinton comes after his Open Society Foundations charity has been barred from working in Russia as tensions between the nation and the west continue to rise. George Soros has now joined a number of other Democrats looking to fund the campaign of Clinton after fears were raised the Republican party would see more than $1 billion spent on Super PAC’s.