Skout App Encourages Random Acts Of Kindness

The Skout app has taken on a new idea to help encourage their users to engage in random acts of kindness. There are plenty of these acts going on any time of day all around the world, and Skout really wants to shine the light on this reality. As such, they are promoting Random Acts Of Kindness week.

The company wanted to know exactly which types of acts of kindness meant the most to people. It may not be surprising to see which were on top of the list, but they wanted to be sure that they were getting good information on this. To figure it out, the company put out a survey of college students to ask them to rank certain types of acts of kindness that they care about.

This survey was a broad one that included more than 180 countries and 16 different languages. It was truly something that got a feeling of the pulse of this question. Skout was exactly the type of app to perform this kind of survey.

Skout is a social app that helps people from all around the world connect with one another. The reality is that Skout is a geolocated type of app that helps people connect with each other in a local region. It is used by many for dating purposes, but there are some who simply use to find other people who have similar interests to them and are in the same area.

It is a revolutionary product that people are using in the place of some of the other social media that they used in the past. Some of the other social media platforms are getting a little stale, but this one is exciting and brand new. Plus, people can be totally themselves on the Skout app because they are talking with strangers and not necessarily friends and family.

No matter what one decides to use the Skout app for, there is no question that people are talking about it. It is quickly becoming a gathering place for people who care about meeting others and sharing new ideas. If you have an app like Skout sending out surveys about random acts of kindness, that probably gives you a pretty good idea about the type of people who are behind the company in the first place. Considering all of this, it is a good time to check out this app.

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