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Lime Crime Makes Buying Makeup Simple

Women do not have a good way to buy cosmetics if they do not want to go into a store and wait for hours on end to get their cosmetics. There are a lot of brands that are going to help people get the results that they want when they are shopping. Most women have specific colors in mind when they start shopping, but walking around stores takes too long. Lime Crime brought all the cosmetics that women need online to make the process easier, and ladies around the world are finding out that they will be able to buy just what they want when they come to the Lime Crime website, and are available from the major retailers like DollsKill.

Doe Deere is the founder of the site, and she decided to be a tech CEO at the same time as she was a cosmetics CEO. She wants women to buy the things they need online without any problem, and she wants them to be able to have a good time shopping. She has made a website that is easy for anyone to shop, and she has made a website that gives women access to every color in her range without a problem.

The next step that Doe took was in what she was offering women. She wanted to make sure that vegan women were able to buy her cosmetics, so she started making vegan products that any woman would love. Twitter reveals the idea behind her vegan line was to be as accessible as possible, and she has done a great job of offering that to women so that they would feel good about the purchases that they have made.

Pinterest shows the Lime Crime purchases that women make go directly to then immediately, and that makes it much easier for women to be happy with the purchases they make. This makes it much easier for people to find the colors they want, and that makes it even easier for women who have specific tastes that are not covered by other brands.  Check out what Lime Crime has as their Instagram with new looks, new products, and new sales.

World War II Survivor George Soros Creating Creative Ways To Fight Hate Speech Of Donald Trump

Billionaire George Soros is famous for breaking the bank of England. Back in the 90s, England was facing an economic downturn and Soros shorted the British pound to make $1 billion in profit. His partner in crime that day was a man named Stanley Druckenmiller. Stanley Druckenmiller still works for George Soros, managing a $2 billion hedge fund. So it raised some eyebrows when Stanley Druckenmiller and another longtime Soros employee donated almost half $1 million to the presidential campaign of Republican governor John Kasich.
What makes this highly unusual is that George Soros has a lifetime record of donating to and supporting liberal organizations and candidates. His money helped start, and Open Society Foundation one of the most left-leaning organizations in the country. The organization has publicly endorsed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders and Soros himself has made an $8 million pledge to the Hillary Clinton camp. John Kasich, the man who labels himself as the reasonable Republican candidate this year, is still not a candidate Soros would endorse. This donation has enraged conservatives and confused liberals, but it all can be easily explained.

Soros has publicly stated on NYbooks his opposition to Republican front runners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Donald Trump is consuming a high number of delegates on the campaign trail and looks to be unstoppable, except for in Ohio. What’s important about Ohio is that it is a winner-take-all state. Unlike earlier voting states, the winner of the Ohio primary takes all delegates no matter how slim of a victorious margin. Previous states issued delegates proportionally so that every qualifying candidate earned delegates. If Kasich can beat Trump in Ohio he effectively steals delegates from the front runner.

George Soros, a world-famous liberal, is reported by Latino FoxNews now fighting on the same side as Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, and the GOP establishment. The “Anyone But Trump” movement in the Republican Party has been pumping money into the Kasich campaign in order to pull off the upset victory in the winner take all state. Romney has even stumped for the governor throughout Ohio. The Rubio campaign is urging Ohio supporters to vote for Kasich in order to tip the balance. In one odd moment, Soros and the GOP are aligned.

This may have something to do with Trump’s divisive platform. He promises to build a wall and has flirted with the idea of setting up a registry for Muslims in the United States. This justifiably angers George  Soros who is himself a survivor of World War II and the Nazi occupation in his home country of Hungary. He and his family were forced to register by the Nazi government. Soros explicitly remembers the divisive rhetoric of the fascist regime and feels incredibly uncomfortable by the hate speech of Donald Trump. Soros fled Hungary for London and then the United States as a young man.

Wikipedia Edits for Gender Equality

There is a lot of talk about gender equality and feminism. There are people that are pushing for a fairer society where women and men are treated equally. In a push for gender equality, a few editors went through the trouble of editing certain Wikipedia pages so that they will include the female gender. The theme of this project was art and feminism. The purpose behind this is to bring recognition to some female artists. This resulted in an “edit-a-thon” which was put together with the purpose of addressing a gender gap. One thing that is worth noting is that the editors were predominantly male. In fact, less than 10 percent of the editors were female. 

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George Soros Mobilizes Immigrant Voters


The fastest growing segment of the population in the United States of America is the Latino segment. There has been an almost uncontrolled infusion of immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador. While some have received the necessary visa and green card needed to work in the US, many have slipped into the US by surreptitious means and are working illegally and being paid under the table by unscrupulous employers. Some are hoping to become residents while others choose to work here and save money and finally return to their native country.
Those Latinos who have acquired residency are becoming a political force, who are being sought out to follow a certain political direction. Their votes are being sought out by Democrat institutions who want to mobilize them and make them a political force. It is reminiscent of the slaves who were freed after the Civil War.
But the simple truth is that voters tend to vote for whichever party most benefits them monetarily. The immigrant class, any first generation immigrant population will want affordable health care and employment benefits, they tend to vote Democrat until they reach a second, third or fourth generation status, when the offerings of the Republicans may better suit their needs and fears.
Sadly, voting in the US is not so much ideological, as it is to identify with a particular party and that party’s hopes and fears.
George Soros and a political action committee seeks to inform and mobilize these Latinos and other immigrants. Soros is a philanthropist with a Democrat leaning. Republicans, unfairly, portray Soros in a negative light. The Immigrant Voters Win PAC has been funded by gifts from Soros and others to the tune of $15 billion. These monies will go to already established organizations which are supporting voter drives and registration efforts for the Democrat party. Read the full New York Times article here: Your text to link…
For many decades the powerful Republican Party has had the money to influence politician in their decision making and the day to day running of our country. The alignment of huge corporations CEOs from the Republican party with politicians whose campaigns are funded by corporate money is a onerous relationship, which seems to be spreading to the Democrat party, as well. Our founding fathers would not approve.

Solo Capital Prospers Under Sanjay Shah

If you spend any time in the investment arena there is a better than average chance that the name Solo Capital has come up. This London-based financial boutique was founded in September 2011as a consulting firm with proprietary trading. A large part of their service revolve around asset & performance management in the area of professional sports. They also represent and advise along with acquiring talented individuals in the sports arena.

Solo Capital is the public face for Outperform Capital Ltd which operates privately in the United Kingdom. Another major part of their daily routine is proprietary trading which most traders understand will be related to Trading in the area of Derivatives, Commodities and FX. Solo Capital is the brainchild of Sanjay Shah who did not initially set out to build a career in the financial and investment arena. Reports indicate that Shah had high hopes of making it big in the field of medicine where he expected to eventually become a doctor.

Solo Capital according to company check UK is not the only financial investment made by Shah, in fact, his assets include companies stationed in the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, British Virgin Islands, Malta, Dubai and a few dozen located on the streets of London. After changing gears from his aspirations of becoming a doctor Shah went to work for well-known financial institutions like Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Merril Lynch as an accountant. When the financial world took a beating in 2009 Shah found himself without a position and decided that it was time to become his own financial leader.

Sanjay Shah continued to invest in businesses like Aesa S.a.r.l. and Solo Group Holdings. The year 2014 was another profitable year for Shah with the additional acquisition of Old Park Lane Capital, which primarily operated as an invitation only stockbroker. Recent reports indicate that Sanjay Shah is worth approximately $280 million United States dollars and has decided to retire.

Shah was faced with a different set of challenges as a parent, which involved a diagnosis of a Neurodevelopment disorder of his son who was 4 years old at the time. Sanjay decided to use his connections to raise awareness for the disease. An opportunity was created through an organization called Autism Rocks where concerts were staged with the sole purpose of raising awareness. These events were by invitation only and featured big names like Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz and Drake. He continues his dedication through contributions, a website called “Autism.Rocks” and his position as trustee for Autism Research.

The Great Success of Queens of Drama

Reality television is a medium that is very popular in America. There are many different reality television shows that individuals can enjoy on many different networks. Queens of Drama is an entertaining reality television show that showcases the talents of many soap opera stars. These stars create a production company in the hopes of pitching a very enticing pilot to a network. Donna Mills is the leader of the company and somewhat of the main character of the show. Since debuting in 2015, this show has had 10 successful episodes.

Crystal Hunt is also one of the main actors in this reality television series. Hunt has had a very successful career not only in television but in movies as well. She has been known as an actress who can really bring out emotions in her characters. This is very important for her to do in her soap opera roles and she nails it every time. Hunt has been performing since she was only 2 years old. Hunt was introduced to the pageant world at a very early age and was very successful in her competitions. Hunt began to act in commercials very soon after her time in the pageants. Her first big break was acting in a commercial with boy band super group NSync. She then went on to pay Lizzie Spaulding in the CBS soap opera Guiding Light. She was nominated for a daytime Emmy award for her performance in this role.

Her facebook shows Hunt has also tried her hand at business very successfully. She is the owner and operator of a high-end pet boutique in Clearwater, Florida. She has also produced her own films. Hunt has acted in feature films as well. She has most notably acted in the Magic Mike series of films. The future looks very bright for Hunt as she moves forward with her successful career.  Crystal’s acting reel indicates that she’s definitely destined for stardom.

Hilary Clinton Boosted By George Soros Donations

The race for the White House in 2016 has had its landscape changed in recent weeks after the major donor for the Democrat’s, George Soros, took the plunge into the race with a major donation for the Hilary Clinton campaign. The Clinton campaign has seen many major donors drawn to it after her rival Bernie Sanders took the route of grass roots funding for his campaign. Politico reports the first steps in bringing Soros into the Democratic fold were taken with two $1 million donations made to Super PAC’s backing Clinton.
The Clinton campaign has now seen a major donation made to the Priorities USA Super PAC of $6 million by Soros reported on Forbes after he decided against making a major donation to the Obama reelection campaign of 2012. Former Secretary of State Clinton has seen details of emails between herself and George Soros made public by the State Department, which show the praise the Hungarian born hedge fund manager heaps on the former First Lady for her open door policy towards him. It has already been revealed by senior Clinton aides that Soros regrets the fact he did not back her for the White House in 2008; instead, the financial expert worth an estimated $23 billion backed President Barrack Obama for the Democratic nomination.

George Soros has been taking a global view towards politics for a number of years, during which time he has been a major supporter of liberal policies to bring democracy to the world. The arrival of Soros as a supporter of Clinton comes after his Open Society Foundations charity has been barred from working in Russia as tensions between the nation and the west continue to rise. George Soros has now joined a number of other Democrats looking to fund the campaign of Clinton after fears were raised the Republican party would see more than $1 billion spent on Super PAC’s.

Skout App Encourages Random Acts Of Kindness

The Skout app has taken on a new idea to help encourage their users to engage in random acts of kindness. There are plenty of these acts going on any time of day all around the world, and Skout really wants to shine the light on this reality. As such, they are promoting Random Acts Of Kindness week.

The company wanted to know exactly which types of acts of kindness meant the most to people. It may not be surprising to see which were on top of the list, but they wanted to be sure that they were getting good information on this. To figure it out, the company put out a survey of college students to ask them to rank certain types of acts of kindness that they care about.

This survey was a broad one that included more than 180 countries and 16 different languages. It was truly something that got a feeling of the pulse of this question. Skout was exactly the type of app to perform this kind of survey.

Skout is a social app that helps people from all around the world connect with one another. The reality is that Skout is a geolocated type of app that helps people connect with each other in a local region. It is used by many for dating purposes, but there are some who simply use to find other people who have similar interests to them and are in the same area.

It is a revolutionary product that people are using in the place of some of the other social media that they used in the past. Some of the other social media platforms are getting a little stale, but this one is exciting and brand new. Plus, people can be totally themselves on the Skout app because they are talking with strangers and not necessarily friends and family.

No matter what one decides to use the Skout app for, there is no question that people are talking about it. It is quickly becoming a gathering place for people who care about meeting others and sharing new ideas. If you have an app like Skout sending out surveys about random acts of kindness, that probably gives you a pretty good idea about the type of people who are behind the company in the first place. Considering all of this, it is a good time to check out this app.