Quality Dog Food

Having a dog in your home is very important as it can play different important roles. A dog can act as your security guard and your safety is guaranteed or it can offer the best company acting as a pet. A healthy dog guarantees pure health to your family as the chances of dog related diseases are minimized. A dog should be taken care of by proper feeding and routine management. Feeding is more essential as it provides the required nutrients for the dog to be healthy. Dog feeds differ in quality and the materials used to make them. The dog feed can also be determined by the age of the dog as the rate of energy required is different for the old dogs and the young dogs. Richard Thompson on Twitter who is a dog food manufacturer adds chunky chicken and turkey recipe in his dog food to increase the quality and nutritional value of the food. To maintain the quality of dog feed he uses the fresh ingredients, eschews preservatives and ensures that the period of storage is limited. Dog food refrigeration keeps them fresh and many dog owners are willing to buy the refrigerated food as they know they are of high quality. Most companies have been offering organic grain free food by using the blended lamb and salmon in their recipe. This type of dog food contain the recommended carbohydrates hence the unwanted growth in size of dogs is controlled. Losing weight in dogs is commendable and Colgate- Palmolive has that food which will make your dog loose weight. The company has the principle of farm to table and its food is made with blueberries and cranberries whose harvesting is made at the right time and freeze dried to maintain the nutrients. Some dog foods like Beneful have the lasagna and beef stroganoff have almost an similar quality as the food consumed by humans. Some companies like Beneful have dog foods which are made from a mixture of whole grains, fruits and vegetables with rovers lamb and chicken. Big dogs have also been considered and their food recipe include the medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fat sourced from coconut oil and makes the metabolism of old dogs easier producing more energy.

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