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Sergio Coates Helps Demystify the Zika Virus

Marilia Lima claimed that she and her 21/2 months old son have been abandoned by the Brazil state. Her son, Arthur, is one of the 3,500 babies that are born with a birth defect referred to as microcephaly. It is linked to the Zika virus that was discovered in Brazil last year. There has been no proven cause-and-effect but international and Brazil doctors believe there is a connection.

When Lima was pregnant she caught this mosquito-borne virus and as by that time Zika was not well known her doctors assured her not to get worried. However, on her subsequent prenatal checkup, they noticed there were some serious issues with her unborn baby. Eventually the child was born with a small head that looks as if it had a vise placed atop it, a typical sign of microcephaly. It comes with brain damage that is severe and affects the mental and physical development of a child.

Arthur is constantly fretful and difficult to soothe. He does not even suckle well and experiences problems with his hip, eyes and the bones on his arms and legs. The Sociologist cum Lawyer states that she just has to help her son with all his needs of course with the support of the family, husband and friends. She claims that the government has forgotten about her and the dozens of other parents suffering the same plight. She adds that there has been a dengue epidemic which is also carried by the same mosquito that spreads the Zika virus but the authorities have been neglecting the mosquito eradication efforts. This has encouraged the wide spreading of Zika. She is referred from one doctor to the other probably due to their non-understanding of the situation as it is a new one. However, Brazil is deploying army personnel to eradicate this mosquito that carries it and funding researches that are aimed at finding a vaccine for Zika. (Read the Full Story Here)

Sergio Cortes on Differentiating Dengue virus and Zika virus symptoms

Recently it has been discovered on that Aedes aegypti is also responsible for spreading the chikungunya and zika viruses apart from the known dengue virus. Dr. Cortes says that the symptoms of these three diseases are very similar and could be confused easily. They include red spots appearing on the skin, high fever, body aches, muscle and eyes. Dengue symptoms stand out in one having pain behind the eyes and muscle. The stand out symptoms of zika virus is red eyes and itching in the cup. He also adds that treatments for these viruses are under study but for now hydration by mouth or intravenously to whey-based is used. Hydration ought to be followed by five days complete rest to restore the body vigor. (More Information here)

The symptoms of zika virus do not seem like very serious ones and it is possible for the disease to be controlled as well as being cured. However, it is connected to microcephaly which worries doctors more. Dr. Cortes advises on pregnant women or those planning to get pregnant to avoid certain places and protect themselves against insects that sting generally. (Click here for More measures) Dr. Cortes can be followed on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Luxury Shoes For Half The Price: A Revolution Of Footsteps

The internet has changed the retail market a great deal by opening up the doors to consumers allowing them to buy directly from sellers and designers instead of paying marked up prices. Now, the revolution is continuing on as shoes are the new wave of fashion. Shoe makers have noticed that the middleman is no longer needed to deliver customers great leather shoes.

An article published by Bloomberg discusses the new wave of shoe design citing the story of Ariel Nelson and Lane Gerson who went on to create the shoe brand Jack Erwin. Their brand was built on the idea of creating a high end shoe, making them for less, and then selling them at a price that people can actually afford.

Of course, this idea is a bit more complicated then it appears compared to shirts, dresses, and other traditional fashion wear. However, it is not impossible as the duo found out along with other shoe makers. They are not the only entry into the new burgeoning marketplace.

Paul Evans is a higher end version of the same e commerce startup that is focused on delivering high quality shoes to customers at a better price.

The real charm of Paul Evans however is that workmanship is not sacrificed at all when it comes to highly styled shoes. All of their shoes are made in a factory in Italy and crafted from high quality leathers. They also offer a large selection of highly styled shoes that far outshine any black and white traditional options available in brick and mortar stores.

This model seems to be working as shoe startups continue to find success. Footwear may be a trickier market with a 30-40% return rate, but given that the Jack Erwin guys now have a long waiting list and a retail shop it appears that cutting out the middle man works. It’s an ode to a future where the internet continues to make everything including high fashion accessible to the masses.

Real Estate in New York City is on the Rise

The value of  luxury real estate in New York City is increasing rapidly as the wealth of buyers looking to make big investments in the area is on the rise. Official closing prices of recent sales for prime real estate spots such as condominiums and homes are breaking all kinds of records for the city. According to those who carefully follow the market, there seems to be no end in sight to this exponential growth, at least not in the near future. Top buyers are dipping their feet into the luxurious real estate market of New York City now more than ever.

The demand for these higher priced homes is higher than one may think. Iconic names such as William Ackman, Joan Rivers and the Feng brothers (founders of Hainan airlines) are just a few of the wealthy personalities that have made their mark in New York City. Other names such as the rockstar Jon Bon Jovi have recently sold real estate in the city. Townhouses and penthouses are some of the higher profile investments in the market.

Town Residential is a premier real estate agency that services the luxurious real estate market of New York City. They specialize in suiting the needs of buyers and sellers looking to lease, sell and buy property. A recent addition to New York City, Town Residential is founded by a team of leaders who possess unmatched industry experience and expertise. The agency has been recently named to an elite group that represents America’s top real estate professionals.

Multiple locations in New York City gives customers and representatives easy access to Town Residential’s professional services. Their website lists all recent additions for sale and lease as well as any open houses that are currently running in the city. Consumers, sellers and buyers can visit Town Residential’s website to access trends and statistics in the current market.

As the largest city in the United States, New York City boasts a luxurious real estate market with plenty of perks. This city is a major attraction worldwide which makes it suited for not just national but international buyers as well.