The World of Fashion Expert Doe Deere

Fashion is not just about dressing. Fashion can also serve as a means of self-expression and an artistic medium at the same time. Many people try to figure out the best possible way for them to decide to dress and use fashion to help them look and feel good. The right kind of outfit can do just that. Getting help from a fashion expert can also help people discover their own inner sense of style. A fashion expert like makeup entrepreneur and fashion stylist Doe Deere can help anyone figure out how best to think of fashion and how to help them create their own inner understanding of the rules personal fashion.

Deere has spent many years working in the fashion industry. As a result of her love of fashion, she started her own makeup company. Lime Crime lets people pick out makeup that is contemporary and yet flattering to a wide variety of skin tones at the same time. In creating Lime Crime, Deere showed her customers that it was possible to break fashion rules and do so in a way that allowed them to be able to feel comfortable and confident. Deere shares her other personal rules to break in a recent article for Bustle Magazine.

Here, she reminds her readers that many kinds of fashion rules can be broken and people can still look good at the same time. Like many of her readers and most devoted fans, she knows the rules and likes to have fun with them. That’s her ideal fashion rule: have fun. Unlike others who tell us to dress our age, Doe tells her fans that they can dress younger or older if the mood strikes them. She likes to wear clothing that can help her feel playful and recapture some of the feelings that she had when she was younger.

She also likes to play around with fashion in other ways. While fashion rules sometimes tell us we should wear a business suit at a business meeting, Deere likes to throw such windows out the window. She has a closet full of great ball dresses that she wears whenever she likes including on ordinary shopping trips of all kinds. This kind of free approach to fashion can allow anyone to decide that fashion rules may apply in certain circumstances, they need apply to people at all times.

Fashion, according to Deere, can be one in which it is possible to take the rules they know and use them in ways that also allow for an individual’s full range of self expression and their own understanding of what works for them and helps them feel more confident and happy no matter what they happen to be doing at the moment. This kind of inner confidence and sense of knowing what works for any given person can be the best possible fashion rule of all. Those who follow Doe Deere will continue to look to her for the best kind of helpful fashion advice.

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