One Life To Live Launches Many Top Careers

The world of the daytime soap opera is often seen as a roundabout of actors moving between the many different soap operas shown on U.S. network TV each weekday. There are some soap operas that have a long history of developing some of the top talents in U.S. TV and movies, amongst those with the best track records of success is “One Life To Live’. Amongst those who have walked the streets of the fictional suburb of Llanview are Tommy Lee Jones, Laurence Fishburne, and Hayden Panettiere.

In the 21st century there have been a number of successful actors pass through ‘One Life To Live’, including former ‘Guiding Light’ star Crystal Hunt. The actress has spent a large amount of her career working in soap operas, but has not allowed herself to be limited by this popular TV genre. As Stacy Morasco in ‘One Life To Live’ Crystal Hunt became one of the most popular performers on the TV, and remains a popular force on Vimeo for her self produced works.

Crystal Hunt has often tried to stretch herself by taking on roles in different TV shows and movies, include her popular role as Dinky in ‘Sydney White’. After returning to ‘One Life To Live’ in a guest role in 2012 as the show moved towards cancellation, on Instagram Crystal Hunt pointed out that she has recently looked to establish herself as a face to be seen on both TV and movie screens. Perhaps the highest profile role Hunt has taken since her departure from the soap opera industry is that of Lauren in ‘Magic Mike XXL’.  You can read a larger biography about Crystal’s career here.

The soap opera did look to launch a number of new careers after its cancellation from network TV by becoming one of the first TV shows to switch full time to an Online streaming service. However, legal problems have seen this move last for only a few episodes, but the owners and producers of ‘One Life To Live’ hope to make the switch to a streaming service a full time change in the coming months.

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