How to Clinch the Whistleblower Awards

After the recent successful implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act, it is now possible for whistleblowers to reap in cash and multiple awards just for giving original and legit information about violations in the federal Department of SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). A whistleblowers reform that is part of the main reforms demands that any whistleblowers who give original information relating to infringement in security laws one that would build a successful case should get up to 30% of the monetary sanctions that SEC receives from the case, and also, whistleblowers awards.

The whistleblower is also provided with employment security and adequate assurance against being threatened. The awards and the monetary rewards, however, aren’t that easy to get even if a case is built and ends successfully and it is for this reason that one is given a SEC whistleblower lawyer to ensure that they are served with justice. A SEC whistleblower attorney knows how to beat the system as most of them formed part of the team that formulated and implemented the Dodd-Frank Act. The lawyers give certain advice to whistleblowers to ensure that they get the most out of their efforts.

First, you have to be prepared to sacrifice a lot. Prospective whistleblowers should first be sure about wanting to blow the whistle before actually taking that road. The financial returns, which one is not totally assured of, may be worthwhile. But then many find themselves stripped of their social lives and totally avoided especially by the corporate world. This is considered as retaliation by SEC, which is wrong and is part of why SEC whistleblower attorneys have been put in place.

Secondly, the information one provides to SEC should be totally original. By this, it means that SEC should have never had such a case before. Anyone can provide information of fraud and other non-ethical related issues to SEC even if they are an employee or just a customer. If SEC finds that the information you provided is not totally original, a SEC whistleblower lawyer could help you justify that the information you provided helped in building a successful case in one way or another and this could help you get an award.

Finally, to maximize your chances of getting the full reward package, you may decide to dig further and investigate on your own and in the process, put your findings in print and hand it over to the concerned officials involved in the scandals. You should, however, be careful when doing this.

Revitalizing Dallas One House At A Time

Dallas, Texas is just like other major American city in, but the big “D” is currently doing what other major cities can’t or won’t do. Low income communities line the streets of most cities, town, and villages, but Dallas has one of the best revolutionary blueprints for providing homeownership to lower income people. With a struggling economy over the past decade, home loans have decreased drastically making it much harder for people to purchase or save up for a home they can call there own. Luckily there are three well known organizations that are willing to combine their efforts and support well deserving people with loans.

Habitat For Humanity, Dallas Neighborhood Homes, and NexBank are setting the mark in western society with a great new game plan. The goal is to provide low income residents of Southern Dallas with home loans for the next 5 years. The idea is to provide at least 100 loans per year for people in specific zip codes in a specific area. This may sound tough to do in any type of economy, but NexBank is leading the charge by providing around $50 Million in loan support. The financial institution is a regional bank in the Dallas Metropolitan Area and one of the city’s most successful. NexBank is a mortgage, commercial, and investment institution and as of June 30, 2016; has racked up to $3.5 Billion in assets.

The non-profit mortgage service provider “Dallas Neighborhood Homes” and the well known “Habitat For Humanity” are the other connecting pieces to the pie. The plan has a solid foundation to stand on and each organization delivers on their end of the bargain. This action simply equates to providing deserving families with their very own home, which also translates to a better quality of life. This is truly how you get things done in the 21st Century. Nexbank back’s it’s word fully and provides the necessary funding for such a huge undertaking.

Small Businesses Can Manage Their Online Reputation Effectively

Online reputation management is important for all companies, but getting professional help to manage your online reputation can be expensive. This means that many small business owners will have to work to lessen the effects of negative reviews themselves.

An article on Blasting News gave a variety of tips for how small business owners can manage their online reputation without professional assistance. The article says it’s important to pay attention to the search results and social media. The author also emphasized the importance of fighting bad press through social media. Whenever you find negative websites about you, the article told them to send them a cease and desist letter. You also can seek to bury negative information in search results by posting positive information. If you are interested, you can read the article here.

The article said that negative information that is posted for purposes of ‘trolling’ isn’t likely to impact upon your While his may be true in some cases, it isn’t always be the best advice though. Business owners really need to consider this on a case by case basis. In some cases, not everyone would perceive the person as a troll. Instead, those reading the negative comments could mistakenly believe them to be true.

If you notice a website saying negative things about your business, sending a cease and desist letter can be effective, as the article said. However, this may not always deter them. It is important to have a backup plan, if they refuse to remove the information.

The article said it can be a good idea to create a blog. This can be a good strategy, if the comments on the blog are good for your reputation. However, a blog on your page has an exceptionally high level of visibility to prospective customers. This means that you need to be exceptionally diligent about moderating this section of the site.


Gooee is Helping To Change The Lighting Industry

One of the major differences in homes over the past few decades has been the use of technology inside the home. Technology has become an integrated part of newer homes to the point that the phrase “smart homes” has become a marketing sales pitch. People can now do almost anything in the home through the use of devices to handle remote control features.

The use of technology has even touched the lighting industry as companies such as Gooee have worked to develop smart light bulbs that work in unison inside smart homes and traditional homes. These particular bulbs are called smart bulbs. The Smart bulb works on the same premise as smart homes. The smart bulb provides the user with the opportunity to make specific choices related to how the smart bulb will provide light.

These choices can typically be selected through wireless devices that can control the smart bulbs. Devices such as smart phones can be used through WiFi, Bluetooth, or the internet to control smart bulbs. The ease and convenience of devices to control smart bulbs is one of the things that make smart bulbs popular.

Gooee is a company that specializes in technology and innovation related to lighting. The company has many lighting and software professionals who work together to develop products such as smart bulbs.

Gooee understands the core principals that makeup the smart bulb and the company uses its resources and professionals to find ways to develop smart bulbs that provide the type of lighting and lighting features that people want in their homes.

Why Music Enthusiasts should Expect more Hits from Norka Luque

Norka Luque features among the Latino musicians anticipated to have a more successful career in the days to come. Norka’s music is characterized by a positive messages aimed at giving hope to her fans. She maintains this attribute due to her strong belief that artists have a great role to play in delivering positive messages through the lyrics that they compose regardless of the music genre. As such, Norka Luque advocates that the message passed by artists through their music should remain consistent.

Early Music Life

A rich musical background characterizes Norka’s early life thanks to her supporting and loving parents. At a young age, she had the opportunity to learn different aspects of music and dance including voice practices, flamenco, ballet and piano lessons. Further Norka, took part in music competitions, whereby she would sing. This strong music foundation is often seen as the catalyst for her refined and budding music career.

Education Background

Although Norka’s passion has always been music since she was a little girl, she and her parents understood the value of attaining an excellent education background. Hence, after she finalized her high school education, she went to France to pursue further education. In France, Norka studied an array of discipline including Business Administration, fashion, culinary arts as well as marketing.

France not only provided her with an opportunity to acquire the desired education but also a music opportunity to become part of a band, Bad Moon Rising. The group experience gave her a chance to act as the lead singer and perform in several events as well.

Journey to Music Success

Norka moved to the United States after her endeavors to join the banking sector in Monaco proved less fulfilling as opposed to her passion for music. Luckily, Emilio Estefan Jr., a worldwide renowned music producer, recognized her promising talent in music. Mr. Estefan has created a reputation for himself not only in Latin countries but also across the globe. This reputation has been catalyzed by his impressive work, which has produced international stars such as Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin and many others.

Through the help of Estefan, Norka has released several songs since 2011 such as “as you do”, which landed her a nomination for the Female Artist of the Year. Later, in 2012, she released Milagro. The song became a music sensation in numerous countries like the Unite States, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. Her latest single, ”Tomorrowland”, is also expected to be a major hit.


Norka Official facebook page

The Savagery Of Wikipedia Editing

IF there is one thing that could be said about the internet, it is full of savages. With all of the press going around the split between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, there have been a lot of activity when it comes to the media news story. Among the activities that happened was that Marion Cotillard’s Wikipedia page experienced some harsh Wikipedia edits. Among the things that were edited was information about her being the reason that Brad Pitt left Angelina Jolie. The only thing that Marion Cotillard had to do with this was that she was starring with Brad Pitt in a movie that is being released.

Now, Marion Cotillard has to deal with a lot of savagery when it comes to her Wikipedia page. One thing that could be said about the site is that it is easy for anyone to edit a Wikipedia page. However, there is a way for people to avoid any vandalism being done on their page. This is by hiring a group of professionals to watch the Wiki page. Get Your Wiki is the group of professionals that will easily watch the page for any unwanted edits that happen to appear on the page. When Wikipedia revisions appear, then the professionals will get rid of the page and make sure that the information is the same as before someone played with it.

Get Your Wiki is a company that is available for people that don’t have a lot of time to update a Wikipedia page on their own. They will make sue that the only new information that is added is something that the client wants on his or her page. Therefore, the client can rest assured that he will maintain a good image with the help of Get Your Wiki. They are also good at Wikipedia page creation for their clients because they understand what the criteria is for setting up the page.

LED Lighting is the Way to Go!

LED lighting is super efficient and use less energy than regular bulbs, have a longer lifespan, and tend to emitter brighter lights for any size room. The LED acronym stands for “light emitting diode” and it is basically a semiconductor for electricity and the end result gives off light. These bulbs subsequently burn somewhat cooler than your average filament bulb. They contain no mercury and so they are safe for kids and the whole family if dropped on the ground.
The LED light bulbs use less energy than than the regular bulbs.It only consumes a mere 14 watts versus your standard 75 or 100 watt bulbs that you might have to replace every two months or so. Do you want to save some money on your power bill? Well install this bulb and start your savings trend today. They also have a longer lifespan than regular bulbs. They simply last longer and burn brighter due to their eco-friendly design lasting an average of over 30,000 hours at best. The lights can be placed in any room setting as they are can be dimmed down to suite your ambient lighting needs. Check out Gooee lighting and LED lighting systems and other options today!

Securus Technologies Helping Law Enforcement

In the current world of jail operations, prisons have had to turn to private companies for assistance. This is due to the fact that the amount of time needed for work and the technology they have on hand is just not enough. From this new need of help in prisons multiple companies have started to appear to answer the call of need. One of the leading companies in this field is Securus Technologies. The company deals with the phone services that prison companies provide for their inmates. These services are very important for prisoners due to them being the main outlet of communication to their families and friends. Due to the phone services importance to prisoners and the prison itself, Securus Technologies makes sure to keep their service at the top of the field.

To help make improvements on the technology they already have Securus Technologies is now implementing a new program into their service. The program is called Investigator Pro and is a tool that will help law enforcement with many scenarios and investigations. Some prisoners use the phone as a way to commit crimes and organize unlawful actions from behind bars. To stop this misuse of the phone service and take advantage of this mistake, Securus Technologies has made Investigator Pro. The program allows for the company and law enforcement to search through calls based on voice recogniation. This way they can track suspicious prisoners and find if they are up to anything much faster. Through this new technology Securus Technologies is helping law enforcement track down illegal activity as it is happening. This new program, along with many others, is why prisons keep on choosing Securus Technologies to help them with their operational needs.


Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Misery Loves Company…Except It’s Own

There are some people that like to bring misery to people. One of the goals is to get other people miserable. However, often times, once the person becomes miserable, the person who made that person miserable will try to move away from him. Also, the new miserable person will find himself being avoided by others as well, including those that he once had a closer relationship with. The same can be said about online reputation and negativity. There are some people who are just never satisfied with anything and they just want to gripe about problems. This is often when people find themselves dealing with bad reports when it comes to negativity. is definitely vulnerable to negativity. Therefore, it is important for each individual to manage his own reputation by not getting too involved into negativity. A lot of the focus should be placed on finding some other positive work to do so that the business will continue to attract customers. The worst thing to do is to go to war with the negative individual. This will actually scare customers and audiences away from the business. Therefore, it is important to find some other method that is more positive when it comes to handling online reputation.

One of the best approaches to online reputation is for one to focus on building it from the beginning. It is important to present a positive image to the audience so that they will trust the brand. As a result, when any negativity comes, it will have a smaller effect on the company. Also, with online reputation management comes SEO. As one continues to provide optimized content, he will not only reputation for his company throughout the search engines, but he will also manage to bring forth enough authority to the company that many bad reviews will not see the light of day on the search engines.


Fun And Creative Ways To Throw Your Next Party

Whether it’s a birthday party, a class reunion, or a family gathering, there are several fun and creative ways to throw your next party. The several guidelines presented here also leaves room for people to add and take away from them. This will help make your next party even more unique.

The first guideline would be to create a theme for your party. There are two main ways of doing this. The first would be to pick something you love and adjust everything to that. This can be a favorite athlete, movie, or even your dream place to visit. The second way would be to adjust your party theme to the season you are in. If it is summer, make everything coincide to a day at the beach. If it is winter, make everything adjust to the snow and spending time with family.

Another fun thing to do would be to create a mixed drink self-serve bar. People can get their own drinks, but they can only have mixed drinks. Of course, the bottles of alcohol must have the mixed drink substance already in them, but that is the fun part.

Some people, however, lack the ability to be creative, especially when it comes to throwing a party. That’s why companies like Twenty-Three Layers exists. There are dozens of event planners in NYC, but Twenty-Three Layers specializes in everything from choosing the theme to setting up the bar to sending out the invitations. Many other companies only get involved to serve food.

If you are search for an event planning company in NYC, Twenty-Three Layers is available seven days a week, around the clock; this includes holidays, too. Rarely do event planning companies in NYC have a call service. Twenty-Three Layers knows important it is to throw the perfect party. That’s why they take their work so serious. There are also representatives of various languages ready to answer the phone at any given moment. All of these individuals know the company inside and out, and each representative will do their best to work out the best deal for each caller.