Sweetgreen: The Popular Choice

Success has taken the form of many types of achievements throughout history. Currently, success means offering more to customers than just fairly priced quality products or services. In particular, the food industry is required to give more back to their customers. For years, it’s just been about feeding people whatever they cooked up.

Now, people are more health conscious and pay attention to what they’re putting in their mouths. A lot of the big-name corporate restaurant chains can’t easily adapt to the modern consumer’s food preferences. This opened a door for small food chains like Sweetgreen to capitalize and succeed.

Sweetgreen is a legacy restaurant that’s single-handedly changing the food industry for the better. Modern consumers want more than just healthy food that tastes bland and goes beyond kale. Sweetgreen focused on creating brilliant menus with products that truly resonate with modern diners. Their salads are healthier, fresher, and organically grown within the community. Read more: Sweetgreen | Wikipedia and  Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

Diner responded well to Sweetgreen’s way of doing things. If restaurants could redesign themselves, they’d want to look like Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen has everything from great customer service to big-name investors backing the company’s expansion. It also has a personal connection to customers thanks to co-CEO Nathaniel Ru.

Obviously, technology plays a huge role in most companies’ success. Little known fact, Sweetgreen embraced technology long before most restaurant chains. Thanks to their website and mobile app, 30 percent of the company’s transactions occur online. This makes the service faster, allowing diners to get their food faster and keeps everything moving efficiently.

The co-CEOs also rethought their management strategy after realizing big corporate headquarters wouldn’t work for their company. The most surprising strategy they’ve implemented involves their bicoastal operation. The co-CEOs fly back and forth to grow their company the way they think best; with their own hands.

Despite their confidence now, at first, they were nervous about their idea. They knew Georgetown didn’t have any healthy food options, but they didn’t know if Sweetgreen would survive. After surviving their first winter break on campus, when most of the students are away on vacation, they realized they had something special.

Looking back, there isn’t much that Nathaniel Ru regrets. The only thing he could think of was having not read enough.

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U.S. Money Reserve Partners With ADRN For Benefit Of Hurricane Harvey Survivors

U.S. Money Reserve is partnering with Austin Disaster Relief Network in providing aid to persons affected by Hurricane Harvey. The two entities will combine their resources to help survivors of the storm with financial assistance, emergency shelter, and support psychologically and emotionally to address the trauma experienced by storm victims.

A relief fund started by U.S. Money Reserve will turn over 100% of received donations to ADRN to help meet emergency needs of survivors. In an effort to encourage donations

U.S. Money Reserve has vowed to match all YouCaring donations to ADRN’s relief fund up to a maximum of $100,000

Harvey’s Impact

The sting of Hurrican Harvey has been felt directly by U.S. Money Reserve as many of the company’s own employees and customers have been displaced or otherwise affected by the storm. The company was founded in Austin, Texas and while still headquartered in Austin there are also offices in the nearby cities of Beaumont and Lumberton.

U.S. Reserve is more than happy and willing to give back to a Greater Houston community that welcomed the company with open arms during its infant stages.

Hurricane Harvey was the first hurricane to make landfall in the United States and with the storm came extreme devastation. The four-day event saw rainfall from to 40 to 65 inches across the state that resulted in dangerous flood waters. Roads became rivers and many Texans were forced to leave their homes and property behind in search of safety. At least 82 people perished in Hurricane Harvey. Read more: US Money Reserve | Built In Austin and US Money Reserve | Facebook

Texans would soon learn that impact of Harvey would be felt long after the storm was gone as thousands were left without day to day necessities such as clean water, hygiene products, and prescription medications. The water left behind from the hurricane is highly toxic and poses serious threats both in the immediate future and for the long term.

The Cleanup

Texans are a resilient bunch are now hard at work rebuilding their communities. That damage caused by Harvey has been estimated at $180 billion. Texas Governor Greg Abbot has advised all that recovery projects for the state will be exhaustive and time-consuming. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/10/austin-disaster-relief-network-and-u-s-money-reserve-help-survivors-of-hurricane-harvey/

Federal aid has assumed the responsibility for a lot of these costs but more help is needed. Fortunately, many non-profit organizations have stepped forward to fill the gaps. At ADRN, the primary goal is to help survivors with items that meet their immediate needs and to provide funds to repair or rebuild their homes.

An admiral act of kindness extended by many Texans was the opening of their own homes when possible to help those had lost shelter in the storm. Local schools provided free meals and shop owners allowed the use of their stores for shelter. It is this attitude amongst Texans that serve the state well as they work together to rebuild from this crisis.

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve started in 2001, is now one of the biggest independent distributors of precious metals. The start-up mission of the company was to provide advice to customers desiring to invest in precious metals. To date, U.S. Money reserve has served over 400,000 clients in this capacity.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny Talks of the Restorative Properties of Rapamycin

Rapamycin is a drug administered to patients who are undergoing organ transplant. Sirolium, as it is otherwise known, helps to prevent rejection of the new organ by patient’s bodies. The drug may also be administered for purposes of treating lung disease. It is a reliable coating in cases of coronary stents and also acts as a cancer treatment drug.

The case for Rapamycin

Rapamycin has been championed by Dr. Blagosklonny as a choice drug for patients undergoing organ transplant. While Calcineurin is another drug that can be used to counter the rejection of new organs by patient’s systems, it has demonstrated adverse effects to patients’ kidneys in the long run. Rapamycin on the other hand shows a much lower level of being toxic in the long run. Dr. Blagosklonny has also pointed out that the drug can be administered for the treatment of hemolytic-uremic syndrome. This disease is manifested in patients who have kidney failure, anemia and a low count of platelet. Rapamycin can also be administered as a treatment for Lymphangioleiomyomatosis. This is a disease that is more manifest in women who are able to conceive. Rapamycin can also be used to coat coronary stents. It is also a cancer treating drug. What the drug does, once it is administered, is to enhance the immune system and its response to the tumor in the body. It is therefore crucial in the limiting of cancer risk in patients who have experienced organ transplants. Rapamycin is also known to treat ‘tuberous sclerosis complex’, facial angiofibromas, Alzheimer’s disease, muscular dystrophy and ‘Systemic Lupus Erythematosus’. The drug is also fronted as a potion for increased longevity. The drug was used on mice with very encouraging results and therefore the theory of longevity.


All the above treatments are credited to Rapamycin. There are also other possible uses for the drug in treatment yet to be determined. Although research is still in its early stages, there is every indication of other treatment uses for the drug being realized.

Mikhail Blagosklonny and Oncology

Mikhail is a professor and an established researcher in the field of medicine and oncology. Mikhail’s focus is in cancer and aging. In his research Mikhail studies cancer and tries to find out why it is more common in people after a certain age. He believes there is a correlation and hence investigates the same. As a scientist and researcher, Mikhail is revered. He is also celebrated as an academic with the title of professor. The goal of Mikhail’s research is to discover or invent the treatment for cancer. He figures that treatment of the disease does not have to be as painful as it is at the moment given the chemotherapy and its excruciating effects. His purpose and vision has drawn many to his corner to aid in the research of a cure that does not rob people of their dignity and esteem. It is Mikhail’s belief that cancer treatment will in the future not be for the well to do alone, but for all individuals who are trapped in the disease irrespective of their financial standing.

OSI Industries- Dominating the Meat Industry

The OSI Group Industries has stayed dedicated to the expansion into international markets throughout the planet. The enterprise that is dominating the worldwide food sector is enthusiastic about enhancing its footprint in the entire food market. Taking a look at the organization’s financial report for this past year, an individual can confirm that the rise of the business becoming steadier from the day.To demonstrate its dedication and optimism into the American marketplace, the company recently obtained a former Tyson Foods processing centre in Chicago. The purchase is just one of the expansion approaches that the firm had laid out to help propel its potential expansion. According to Forbes, OSI is presently among the most successful privately-held businesses in the USA.

So what exactly does it take for a pioneer at the OSI Group’s market? The business has spent plenty of funds in infrastructure development and human resource in order that it may increase the manufacturing capacity to fulfill the demand for processed foods. With strategic partnerships with different providers and merchants, OSI Group has was able to make a strong distribution channel for the own goods. David McDonald avers that the company has focused on providing custom food alternative to its customers including an chance for those clients to acquire organic and natural servings.The enterprise that is dominating the worldwide food sector is enthusiastic about enhancing its footprint in the entire food market. Taking a look at the organization’s financial report for this past year, an individual can confirm that the rise of the business becoming steadier from the day.

A Few of the leaders that have led OSI Group Industries into the apex comprise the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Business, Sheldon Lavin. The CEO has been able to make positive energy which forces the workers of the business. In the first days when OSI was a normal McDonald’s provider, Sheldon Lavin has supplied the proper leadership approaches that remain to be the elements of the success of the business enterprise.

To demonstrate its dedication and optimism into the American marketplace, the company recently obtained a former Tyson Foods processing centre in Chicago. The purchase is just one of the expansion approaches that the firm had laid out to help propel its potential expansion. According to Forbes, OSI is presently among the most successful privately-held businesses in the USA. For more info about us: https://www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/ click here.

In Europe, OSI Group can be embarking on an ambitious growth program. Until its buy, Flagship Europe was among the very distinguished food processing businesses in the united kingdom. The Accession of Flagship Europe into the OSI Family shows OSI’s optimism together with the European Industry. The acquisition also broadens OSI Group’s capacity to give custom food alternatives to its clients in Europe.

The contribution of Boraie to growth of New Brunswick

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate development company located in New Jersey; the company offers several services real estate development property management, and sales and marketing. The company vision is to work with the best in the field to provide quality services. New Brunswick development has been slow since 1975 despite the resurgence of growth in 1980; however, the tide is changing as its skyline has started resembling that of Ann Abor. In the 1970s the city was faced with high rates of migration, land prices were plummeting. However, Johnson & Johnson opted to stay thus renewing the confidence of another brand to remain and build.

Omar Boraie of Boraie development started investing in the parcels of land neglected at downtown. In the last two decades, he has built along Albany Street providing affordable housing working class in the area. Rutger University was coming of age and the issue of accommodation posed as a huge problem; this led to the opening up of downtown as students opted to seek shelter along Albany Street. The rise in population led to reduced rates of the housing. Currently, Boraie in his newly established site near the train station is planning on bringing in investors in innovative technology and biological firms whose efforts will be doubled up with the strategic location near Rutgers.

The building of the new 17-storey residential building has received a lot of response from aspiring tenants, the building which is next to the train station offers a more attractive accommodation likable to a major city. The building offers unique designs with its community kitchen and lounge area, green rooftop, onsite parking, fitness, and yoga center. The rate of development in the city has been due to sound leadership, the addition of Rutger to big ten, and the advancing medical and research education. For more details visit Crunchbase.

According to WSJ, Boraie is sponsoring the return of free summer movies; the company will be offering six free films at the state theater, the videos are frozen, the extra-terrestrial, Despicable me 2, Babe, Monster University, and Aladdin all between July 12 and August 16. The free movies will give the millennial the opportunity to have fun with their families, summer camps, and more relevant groups. With the free videos, the movie company projects more than 7500 people will visit. The people attending will be able to experience state of the art movie theatre, HD whole 46-inch screen. The audience will relieve the Hollywood days by either sitting downstairs or enjoying the view from the balcony. New Brunswick is ready for the growth that waits in the future to come.

See more: http://centraljerseyworkingmoms.com/boraie-rebuilds-and-redesigns-urban-cities/

How a Simple Dorm Room Idea Became a Nationwide Healthy Food Sensation

Three young finance students at Georgetown University are walking around campus, looking for a snack. In the process, they realize that the healthy food options available in the school are insufficient.

So they decide that they are going to give their idea of a healthy food deli a try, and Sweetgreen is born. It is how Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman started the now nationwide healthy food sensation known as Sweetgreen.

The first challenge that the two were faced with was the fact that they did not have any idea how to get a business running. Ru says that even if all of them came from backgrounds where their parents were entrepreneurs, they had never really taken time out of the school to find out how a business runs. However, they started looking for suitable locations for their business.

They were lucky that the first place they came up with was a shop run by their landlady. She gave their business plan a look and then decided that there was a good idea in there. She, however, advised them to look for a competent business consultant so that they could fine-tune their business idea. They were able to come up with a business plan, and she rented the space.

The next step in the journey was to get the customers. Nathaniel Ru says that the best way to create a brand and start building brand royalty is making sure that the product you are selling is excellent in all ways. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Crunchbase

They consulted the local farmers and looked for a business arrangement that would help them get fresh produce which was in season all the time. They have a preference for greens which are organically grown, and have based their business idea on sustainability and leaving the least possible carbon footprint in the production process.

They came up with marketing ideas which would help them expand their business. The first was going digital. They did this by creating an App. Ru says that more than 30 percent of the sales they make daily are from the application. They also came up with the idea of Sweetlife, which is a cultural music festival that is held annually.

It brings together people who are enthusiasts of the products provided by Sweetgreen, creating a feeling of community. All these are strategies which have helped the company grow from a dorm room idea to the business success that it currently is.

Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Jobs Report: Sweetgreen Co-Founder Jonathan Neman Lives the Sweet Life


Joe Arpaio and the founding of Frontera Fund

In the article ‘The Incident that Launched Frontera Fund’, writers for the Frontera Fund explain how the founders, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were falsely detained by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office under the orders of the corrupt Joe Arpaio.


According to them, they were taken into custody over the fact that they were journalists and would write articles on how Arpaio was mishandling the sheriff’s department. Arpaio did not take kindly to such allegations and went around legal means to issue a subpoena for both men’s arrest.


The gentlemen were arrested in their homes on the night of October 18, 2007, in front of their families. They were taken to different locations to be kept. Once the public learned of the unjust arrest there was an outcry and the men were set free with the charges fully dropped.


The pair immediately turned the tables on Arpaio, taking him to court and winning a settlement of $3.7 million that they invested in starting the Frontera Fund. The basis of the fund is to help Mexican migrants once they reach Arizona. Lacey and Larkin wrote about how these people were mistreated, illegally detained, and abused by the sheriff’s office and Joe Arpaio specifically.


They knew he was corrupt and were not afraid to say so or to share the things he did with the general public. Up until Larkin and Lacey refused to stand down, many other outlets had been intimidated into keeping quiet; they would not, however.


Their arrests came after another attempt to quiet the two men. When those tactics didn’t work, Arpaio sent deputies out to arrest them, using a subpoena not sanctioned or approved by the state of Arizona. The men knew that this act violated their First Amendment rights and so did the public.


In the original article, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was quoted saying, “It is hard to conceive of a more direct assault on the First Amendment than public officials ordering the immediate arrests of their critics. And, in this case, there was nothing subtle about their efforts to stifle the New Times.”


Because their rights had been violated due to one man not wanting people talking bad about him or spreading the truth of his inner workings, the state of Arizona was cost millions of dollars to make up for the original lack of justice. The two men still run the foundation and still help migrants.

Mikhail Blagoskylonny Reveals the Amazing Healing Properties of Rapamycin

The former New York oncology professor of Roswell Park Cancer Institute has gained popularity in the world of his incredible works in health research issues. He has conducted numerous researches on cancer therapies. Through his incredible and tremendous passion for cancer research, Mikhail Blagoskylonny was appointed as the chief editor of Oncortarget, an international peer- review journal that has published several cancer journals. This has earned him great experiences allowing him to publish aging-related information.

The Benefits of Rapamycin

Mikhail Blagoskylonny is renowned for promoting Rapamycin, a cancer drug to increase human being’s lifespan. The drug has multiple benefits in treating an array of diseases. For instance, Rapamycin is known to treat Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, reduce kidney toxicity through its immunosuppressant properties, and treat hemolytic uremic syndromes and cancer.Moreover, Rapamycin has proven positive results in curing Tuberculosis Sclerosis Complex, facial angiofibromas, Muscular Dystrophy as well as treating Alzheimer’s disease. Today, Rapamycin can be found in pharmacy market as Rapamune, and some people name it as Sirolimus. However, some extensive researches are in process to determine certain treatment processes. Today most people are happy about Mikhail discovery of Rapamycin, which has ensured the repair of cells and decreased the damage of cells.

Mikhail Blagoskylonny’s Profile and Research Activities

Besides this, Mikhail, also known as Misha is the author of more than 270 research book chapters, articles and reviews. He is the editor of cancer therapy, the American Pathology Journal, Cell Death and Differentiation, International Journal of Cancer and Autophagy. As such, he has cemented not only broad interests in cellular biology but also in molecular biology to clinical studies. This includes cellular sentences, signal transduction, cell cycle and anticancer therapeutics emphasizing on the basic science translation into new anticancer approaches. As such, institutes like Roswell Park pride themselves for recruiting Mikhail Blagoskylonny.Before he was appointed to be the professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in 2009, Mikhail was selected to be the Associate Medicine professor at the College of New York that is located at Valhalla. He has also served the Ordway Research Institute of Albany in New York as a senior scientist. Additionally, his educational background has played a significant role in supporting him in his works. For example, Mikhail is a former student of St, Petersburg’s First Pavlov State Medical University. He possesses an internal Medicine M.D and an Experimental Medicine and Cardiology Ph.D. from the same University.

FreedomPlus Makes Good Credit Affordable

The next best thing to a good name is good credit. Good credit is the deal breaker when it comes to making big ticket purchases because our economy is run on the power of credit. Good credit is defined by your three-digit-credit score, and it is key to your financial well-being.

This year from mid May through July, Equifax an American credit information company reported that its system had been hacked. The personal information, names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and in some cases driver’s licenses, of more than 2.5 million consumers had been compromised or stolen. The risk of credit fraud and identity theft is a real possibility now for many Americans, and on the minds of all of these people is what do we do now.

Equifax asked its customers sign up for credit file monitoring and identity theft protection. Customers have also been asked to check to see if they were affected by visiting www.equifaxsecurity2017.com. There are additional things you can do on your own:

Monitor Your Account

Regularly check your monthly statements and credit accounts looking for unexpected transactions.

Credit Report Monitoring Service

Sign up for credit monitoring services that send an alert when a new account is opened or a credit inquiry made. For more info about us: https://my.freedomplus.com/ click here.

Credit Report Freeze

Freeze accounts with all three credit bureaus. There is a small fee charged when accounts are frozen and opened again.

FreedomPlus realizes that a security breach at a major credit reporting agency does not decrease the need for good credit. This online personal loan provider promises personal attention and loans that are customized to your unique needs. There are no hidden fees, no prepayment fees, and your rates will never increase. Good credit is always appreciated and rewarded here.

A Longer Life with Organo Gold

A recent article in USA Today is highlighting the overwhelming benefits of having that delicious morning cup of coffee. The article states that drinking coffee has been associated with a lower risk of heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, and kidney disease across multiple ethnicities. Additionally, according to the article there is said to be an 18% decrease in the chance of death for those individuals who drank two or three cups of coffee a day. The fact that coffee can lower the risk in these populations proves that coffee is good for you no matter who you are.

So, what does that mean for Organo Gold? When you are looking for a cup of coffee with premium ingredients and a beautiful blend, you will look no further than Organo Gold. Organo uses the Ganoderma mushroom in all their premium coffees and teas. The Ganoderma mushroom is famous in Asia for its health benefits and “spiritual potency”. This unique ingredient only adds to the restorative benefits of coffee by invigorating the imbiber with a strong robust, flavor that will quickly establish it as a stable in their morning routine. Organa Gold is not only challenging the world of supreme flavor, but it is giving consumers a wonderful product.

In addition to offering premium coffees and teas at a great price, Organa Gold also does its part to give back to the community. This organic company strives to make the world a better place to live in. Through their work with OG Cares, they are impacting the leaders of tomorrow by reaching out to the local youths in their community. Surely, Organa Gold is a company you can live a longer, happier life with.

Find more information on OGRANO on Twitter.