The Most Edited Wikipedia Articles Of 2016 Involve Politics

With a new year before us, Wikipedia has released the most frequently edited articles in its online Encyclopedia during last year. Politics, it seems, was the most highly edited subject of Wikipedia for 2016. Just take a look at some of the top ten most highly edited pages on Wikipedia.

The most edited page for 2016 was a page titled deaths in 2016. Many famous people unfortunately and rather suddenly passed away during the year. Some were political leaders and human rights activists such as Elie Wiesel and Fidel Castro. Others were singers such as American singer, Prince and Canadian singer, Leonard Cohen. The famous Mohamed Ali passed away along with US astronaut John Glenn. This is of course just a small sample of the numerous famous and noteworthy people that passed away during 2016.

The next several most popular pages that were edited include Donald Trump, endorsers of Hillary Clinton during her bid for president, the presidential election in the United States and the Republican Party presidential primary that chose the candidate to represent the party in the general election. As you can see, 4 out of the top 5 most edited pages of Wikipedia in 2016 has to do with politics. Donald Trump, was the winner of the Republican primary and launched one of the most unconventional campaigns in US presidential politics.

Just how many Wikipedia edits did Donald Trump get? He got around 8933 while deaths in 2016 got a whopping 18230. Political topics and pages also populate the the most edited slots in Wikipedia as one heads down into the top 10, 20, 30, 50 and so on. There is no doubt that people have been paying great attention to politics in 2016, and the vast number of edits to political related pages are proof of it.

Is Getting A Wikipedia Page Worth it?

There is no question, that when you make a Wikipedia page in almost all cases is well worth the time and effort you put into creating it. The page that you create about your business or self can get a great amount of hits. This can then benefit you in two main ways. First, it can greatly increase your exposure on the web and help increase your brand popularity. Second, it can be used to improve your online reputation and garner trust from people surfing the web or searching your for your name. Wikipedia ranks high at search results and will often appear in the first few results of a Google or Yahoo search.

How To Create A Wiki Page Without Having To Spend Hours Creating It

So you want to create a page, but just don’t have the time or skills needed to create one for yourself or your firm? That is okay. A company called Get Your Wiki has appeared and it offers professional Wikipedia article writing services that are guaranteed. That is right. Get Your Wiki offers an unconditional guarantee that the article will be approved by Wikipedia and published or your money back. It also offers a 100% money back guarantee. If your are not satisfied with the quality, you will get your money back. It is a fast, easy and reliable way to publish a Wikipedia page for yourself on the web.

Evolution of Smooth’s 21st Century Revolution

If you haven’t heard by now there is a new king of the hill in the oral care industry. This cylindrical shaped lip balm is causing a stir everywhere and many of the most famous females in Hollywood are using the products. Just who and what is the cause of such commotion? Chapstick? Nope. Burt’s bees? Nope again…Evolution of Smooth is the brand of choice for millions of people around the country. Since it’s inception back in 2009, Evolution of Smooth has gown into a powerhouse selling well over a million units per week. It is currently the best selling lip balm product on the shelves of your favorite stores in current time.

This brand is much different from the norm. Most lip balm products are produced from a synthetic source and this synthetic source won’t give the user the best of benefits. These products wear out fast while others tend to over-dry on the lips. EOS lip balm stands out thanks to it’s unique formula of ingredients. These ingredients are come straight from mother earth herself and they deliver on site. Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Antioxidants, as well as Jojoba Oil gives your lips the best protection and healing effects in the shortest of time. The product itself might be oddly shaped to some, but it was designed that way. Now the user can apply the product with one single swipe. You can easily find these lip balms in outlet stores like Target and Walmart or you can order them directly from the website at or via If you don’t like the idea of Summer Fruit, there is sure to be a different flavor you will absolutely love.

This is the future of lip balm in the 21st Century and Evolution of Smooth is setting the bar pretty high. With a strong social media backing and celebrity endorsements; the potential for further growth is expected. Strategic Facebook and social media marketing boosts sales also and this targeted approach is reaching many more individuals who were unaware of the brand before. For the best in total lip care, (EOS) is the hands down winner.

Doe Deere Explains Her Vision For Lime Crime

The Lime Crime brand is known for being different, and Doe Deere founded the company hoping to remain different. She is taking over the cosmetics industry, and she has ensured that everyone who partakes in her brand will feel brighter and lighter. This article explains her thoughts on managing her company, and she discusses what it was like to do work she did not love.


#1: Being One’s Own Self


Doe speaks about having jobs in her 20s that were not meant for her. She felt as though she did not fit in, and she was lost in a world that was not her passion. She speaks of an insurance company that was not a proper fit for her, and she explains that being true to herself was a fine decision. She feels much better knowing that she is doing work that she is passionate about, and she wants all her customers to feel that when they use her products.


#2: Having A Vision For The Brand


The brand that she is building is a vision that she sees in her head, and she believes her brand will help women feel better about themselves. She understands women have their own ideas of beauty, and she wishes to be as open to the world as possible. The company she has built is helping women color their hair, wear brighter makeup and feel as though they are doing something that exudes their personal style.


#3: Customer Service


Doe speaks quite a lot about customer service, and she explains how her company has improved with a dedicated customer service department. She tells of the people she is lucky to work with, and the people who help customers make the brand better. Everyone who buys from Lime Crime will receive fine service, and they will feel as though they are making a change that is better for them as customers. Doe wants everyone to be comfortable, and she knows her customer service team help.


#4: Starting Sooner


Starting soon after having her idea is something Doe wishes she did. She wants all women to know they may do anything they want, and she wanted to put the name out there long before she did. Moving quickly is a part of her business plan, and she wants her business to grow using principles that help her reach more people.


The business model at Lime Crime has been built by Doe Deere as she provides the world with brighter cosmetics. She knows each woman who wears the brand will feel better about herself, and she wants women to have more cosmetics to use in the future. Her vision for the company is clear, and the service is excellent.

Learn more:

Louisiana Customers Receive Free Inmate Calling Features For A Limited Time

Talk to your loved ones in a correctional facility and get more calling features with Securus Technologies. They started as a well known inmate regulations provider with the responsibility of monitoring and surveillance of inmate calls. The Public Utility Commission requires these mandates on all inmate calls. Securus Technologies has required that a few inaccuracies associated with Global Tel-Link services be corrected. Global Tel-Link quickly corrected their irregularities and is now offering select Louisiana customers free inmate calling for a limited time. PRN Newswire says that Securus did a remarkable job with their fourth quarter audit.


Securus Offers Extended Features


Amazingly, Vimeo is now a part of the Securus Technologies team offering a video chat feature that will allow you to talk to your loved ones over the internet. You get complete control of your picture with zooming capabilities and control over the audio. Plus, JPay is now bringing their services to the forefront allowing you to have advanced features that are not available through other inmate calling networks. You’ll love how they have incorporated great technological features that will give you more inmate calls and less money spent.


Securus Has Top Features Added To Their Services


Inmate Voicemail


Inmates struggle to transition with life outside of a correctional facility, but inmate voicemail services gives them the opportunity to talk to potential jobs or perspective housing accommodations. They can receive and retrieve messages through their personalized account. This gives them individualized services that help them beyond the correctional facility.


Video Visitation


Do you want to visit your loved ones in a correctional facility, but you don’t have the finances? Do you live in a different community than were your loved ones are in an institution? You can get on an inmates visiting list and visit them securely over the Securus video chat feature without ever having to leave home.


Join the Securus Technologies network by visiting their exclusive website or calling their toll free 800 number.

The Lung Institute and the Link to Stem Cell Treatment

The Lung Institute is a research facility designed to fill the missing links with stem cell medicated capabilities. This institute is a key tool for people who have been diagnosed with life-threatening conditions such as COPD, emphysema, lung disease, and pulmonary fibrosis just to name a few. The Lung Institute helps these patients by not only offering treatment plans but also blood and bone marrow treatments. But how do these treatment plans work in conjunction to stem cell research?

While being treated by the Lung Institute, patients undergo a tri-stage process which includes removing stem cells from the body during the blood and bone marrow treatments. How does this tri-stage process work?

  • A sample of stem cells is extracted from the patient
  • The stem cells are separated from each other for extensive research
  • The repaired cells are placed into the patient to concentrate on healing the infectious areas

Believe it or not according to Cedars-sinai, the treatment starts within a few heartbeats. After the stem cells are placed in the patient’s blood stream, the cells are pushed through the heart and into each lung. From there on, the real treatment begins.

As of today, reveals there are only 5 states that qualify for the Lung Institute’s stem cell treatment plan. These states include Tampa, Nashville, Scottsdale, Pittsburg, and Dallas. However, even if the patient is accepted in the program a multitude of factors contribute to the success of treatment such as the current stage of condition and what treatment plans have already been conducted.

Even though people have questioned the Lung Institute’s lack of scientific evidence there are hundreds of reviews of patients that have not only benefited from the program but recommend it to other people. And the company has just recently celebrated its 1000th patient to successfully benefit from the program. Visit for more information today.

The Achievements that have been made by Don Ressler’s Enterprises

Don Ressler is a highly skilled and innovative entrepreneur who has been acknowledged for found various prosperous companies. The leading firms that he has established are Intelligence Beauty and, which was the first business that he started. Intermix Media acquired after it became successful. Adam Goldenberg, who was working as the COO of Intermix, joined efforts with Don Ressler to start Alena Media. The firm’s proficiency was in offering e-commerce and marketing advertisements. In 2005, the News Corp recognized the profitability of the enterprise and acquired it. The business’ returns were however reduced due to mismanagement by its new owners.

The two business mogul were well informed on online marketing, and they used their exceptional knowledge to create a new business that they operated anonymously. Don Ressler and Adam created Brand ideas, and the staff of the company was the former employees of Alena Media. After a while, the firm’s name was changed to Intelligent Media. It established two subsidiaries that have significantly penetrated the market. SENSA has specialized in offering solutions that deal with weight loss, and DERMSTORE is an excellent provider of skin care and cosmetics. The manufacturing of Intelligent Beauty’s products is headed by Dr. Alan Hirsch while its CEO was the proprietor of Intermix. The businessmen supported themselves during the first two years before they were given a $43 million investment by the Technology Crossover Ventures.

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The business undertaking of Intelligent Beauty increased in 2010 when it started JustFab as a third part company of Don Ressler. The Matrix Partners supported the founding of the enterprise by offering $33 million. Four million members had subscribed to the firm by December 2010. In April 2012, JustFab had more than 6 million clients, and this motivated Intelligent Beauty, Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, and Matrix Partners to five a $76 million investment.

In January 2013, JustFab created FabKids since it understood that some of its clients were parents. It later purchased The Fab Shoes, which is a renowned e-business site that operates in Europe. The acquisition was significant in the growth the company in the European Market. It gained more the 3 million European members in 2013, and most the clients were from the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and France. The firm ventured into selling athletic wear by founding Fabletics in October 2013. About $40 million was used in starting the business. JustFab has been opening physical stores since August 2013, and the total funding that has been used in setting it up is $250 million.

Read about Goldenberg and Ressler’s teamwork on the TechStyle blog
Read an interview of Don Ressler on Brandettes

How Relators Benefit from the SEC Whistleblower Program

The Security and Exchange Commission of the United States has found a solution to encourage a great number of company employees to come out of hiding and testify in front of the court concerning any financial violation committed by high-ranking professionals that they know of – the SEC Whistleblower Program.


The platform has been brought upon by the passing of a bill in the US Congress called the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, or the Dodd-Frank Act in simpler terms. This legislation was created specifically by lawmakers in order to arouse the confidence of all the individuals who have the capability to divulge scandalous truths – along with hard-hitting evidences – about the financial fraud that high-profile executives in the corporation they were or are working for.

Benefits of Turning Up as a Whistleblower for the SEC


The Dodd-Frank Act offers a real assurance to the informer that their life, as well as their family’s, will not be put in the danger, as it is common knowledge that people often prefer to keep the anomalies they are aware of to themselves in fear of feeling the wrath of the powerful and influential people they will go against. Thus, there are certain compensations that someone who commits to the SEC Whistleblower Program can avail.


1) Gain the trust of the government.

Relators are extremely valued by the government because the number of economic violators who have not been penalized for their crimes are far too great. As they courageously come forward with everything they know about the inconsistencies that they have noticed in the company, they gain the confidence of the servers of justice.


2) Have an SEC Whistleblower lawyer represent the person in court.

Due to the delicateness of the situation, an informer has the option to not appear in person during the court proceedings with the intention of concealing their identity to all the parties involved. The program therefore recognizes this matter and assigns a competent SEC Whistleblower attorney who can relay the sworn statement of the informant and all of the physical documents that are deemed valuable for the case.


3) Obtain monetary reward once the case clears up.

The time that the informer has spent without a source of income as they wait for the result of the trial can be well-compensated after the government gets back the money looted by the law offenders. This can range from 10 to 30 percent of the actual amount returned.


Short Piece About Handy’s Home Cleaning Service

What do you know already about start up companies? You probably think that they all start up overseas or in Silicon Valley, CA. Not all start up companies that become successful start out the same way. Handy is one of the finest home service companies that is available to their customers on demand, meaning that customers can click on their icon on the customer’s smart phone, order Handy’s services without delay, and someone will be sent their way without complicating matters further. It is not just any “someone” that will be sent to the customer. Actually, the company screens each qualified applicant before allowing the person to find clients on Handy’s platform, an idea that the company first tested out in Miami and D.C.

Handy Dominates The Home Service Market

It was not always so apparent that Handy would be successful. Rebecca Greene is in charge of marketplace operations at Handy, and she admits that she was once unsure about the company’s growth and success down the road. She says that she was “a little nervous” when one of Handy’s major competitors went out of business. However, took over that company’s share of the market and then some.

This informative, short piece would not have been possible if not for the compelling source material from The article Jeff Bercovici wrote for is called “Why Handy Chose A Painful Path to Profitability”, and it is quite interesting to anyone who likes to read about how start up companies become successful. Although it was not always easy to figure out their path, the founders of Handy made great decisions and tried out new ideas along the way in order to reach the prime position that the company now holds. Here is a link to that article.


Take Control Of Your Online Reputation

Are you facing a reputation issue in your company and need professional assistance? Do you want to protect your organization’s name from being ruined by irate clients or malicious competitors? Online reputation management is a reliable way to take control of your reputation and ensure that your company is being perceived in a positive manner.

With the advent of the Internet, entrepreneurs have to make certain that even their online identity is secured along with their offline one. As explained by, in internet terminology, online reputation management is very important. Potential buyers can talk about your business on a digital network, either through their blog, social media networks or even through your company website.

Just like every product and service yearns for the coveted 5-star rating from their customers, ventures should attempt to maintain the same rating online. First-time customers usually refer to the reputation of an enterprise before taking any step further. They get influenced by product reviews on while making a purchase decision.

A growing trend in marketing nowadays is to respond to bad criticism or negative feedback as soon as it is posted. It is not a good idea to leave such feedback pending, lest other Internet surfers think that you deserve the horrible review or derogatory remarks. Be proactive about your online credibility and reputation and address and respond to issues as they arise.

There are many companies out there offering a vast range of services to help protect a business from getting ruined due to negative reviews. Professional reputation management teams have the industry resources and connections to render effective services to business across the globe. These professionals can push down unwanted content and replace them with reviews and content that better reflects who you are.

Positive remarks would take the company a little towards prosperity, but one criticism or adverse comment handled inefficiently can tarnish your company’s image. Online reputation management is the practice of managing the reputation of an enterprise solely in the online medium through various techniques and strategies to maintain a positive image of the venture. Take the time to find the right online reputation management team for your needs.


High Levels of Quality and Dedication

Securus Technologies is a well-established and incredible diverse information technology firm based out of Dallas, Texas. The company owes a lot of its recent success to assistance it has received from the Better Business Bureau, who has offered Securus a sort of rubric to follow in order to meet accreditation. Securus has recently revealed that they have reached these requirements and that they are now officially an A+ Better Business Bureau certified establishment. This marks the company as being a prestigious provider of unparalleled technological services.


Securus Technologies is an interesting company as it primarily deals with the justice system. It provides security and communications solutions to both employees of the justice and, impressively enough, to inmates who are currently being incarcerated within the prison system due to mistakes they have made in the past. While many other companies and corporations may look down at these inmates as not being reliable customers, Securus has embraced them as loyal and dedicated customers who they are willing to represent. Securus does this by offering these individuals the ability to openly communicate with their family members. By downloading a accessing a free video chat application inmates can interact with their family members on the outside by simply connecting to a WiFi signal and making a call. The video chat program offers seamless video service and is available on both Apple and Android devices.


Securus will continue to provide excellent customer services and products to its friends in the prison system, and they have become a sort of humanitarian company as a result. They provide services to individuals who have been discarded by the rest of society, and they should be rewarded for this, just as they have been awarded by the Better Business Bureau for amazing representation of customers.